Friday, November 28, 2014

Stars Were Gleaming 1st Verse

This week we're starting Christmas songs!  We'll be performing Stars Were Gleaming and Christmas Bells (using the handbells) in Sacrament Meeting the Sunday before Christmas.  We sing Christmas Bells every year.  You can find that lesson plan HERE.

I decided to go with some simple actions found on HERE.  I did change a few of the actions:
  • Stars were gleaming (open and close fingers like you are doing a blinking light)
  • Shepherds dreaming (tilt head to the side on hands like you are sleeping)
  • And the night was dark and chill (wrap your arms around you like you are cold)
  • Angels' story rang with glory (put your hands like you are holding a book)
  • Shepherds heard it on the hill (cup your hand to your ear)
  • Ah, that singing! (cup your hands around your month)
  • Hear it ringing! (pretend to ring a bell)
  • Earthward winging (flap arms)
  • Christmas bringing (bring hands toward you like you are saying come)
  • Hearken! We can hear it still! (cup your hand to your ear)

Before Primary I will write each phrase on the board (on it's own row) with chalk.  If you want some great visuals, Sharla Dance has some posted HERE.  We'll learn the actions to each phrase/row, then gradually erase each phrase.  I know the little Jr. primary kids can't read but I think they'll still enjoy erasing!

Find my lesson plan for the 2nd verse HERE.


Carrie Fowler said...

Thank you, thank you for all that you do! Your are my number 1 source for ideas for primary!

Holly Mahan said...

I used these actions and the kids in my ward picked it up like that (snaps fingers)! Thank you so much. And yeah, didn't even attempt the second verse, that thing is just too hard.