Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Am Glad For Many Things

I'll be teaching "I Am Glad for Many Things" this week as a "fill in the blank."  We'll learn it like this:

I am glad for 
1. (fill in the blank)
2. (fill in the blank)
3. (fill in the blank)
I am glad for 
4. (fill in the blank)
that are mine today
change it to say "on Thanksgiving day" for that last line.

You can download and print the turkey and feathers HERE (thank you to OCD Chorister for your turkey artwork!).  I printed the turkey on white card stock and laminated it.  The feathers I printed enough for each primary child to have one feather on red, orange, yellow and brown construction paper.  I recommend this pack of construction paper from Amazon:

Before Primary, hang the turkey on the chalkboard with a magnet or tape. 

At the beginning of singing time, pass out a feather and a pencil/pen to all the kids and have them write down something they are thankful or "glad" for (teachers & presidency can help the little kids or omit the writing down for them all together).  Ideas can include family, primary, homes, Wii (I know my twins will pick that FOR SURE!) food, healthy bodies, Jesus Christ, etc.

Then call up 4 kids at a time and have them tell the primary what they wrote down.  Fit what they are thankful for into the blank spots of the song.  It will be fun to try to get whatever they are thankful for to "jive" with the tune!  Once finished, they can put their feather on the turkey (with masking tape) and sit down.  Get 4 more kids and repeat until the whole primary has had a turn.

For large primaries, do this by class, partners, or small groups.  For small primaries, give each child several feathers.

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Kathryn Wood said...

Wonderful idea. Thanks!