Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ben's Arrangements of Primary Songs

Ben, a fellow chorister contacted me and asked if I'd like to help share some of his arrangements of Primary songs!  "Of course!" I said!  So without further adiu, here's Ben sharing his talent with us...

"Hello to all of Camille's friends!  Isn't this a great resource for primary choristers of all experience levels?  I have been in primary as the chorister for 3 different wards for a total of about 8 years over the last 14 years or so (they have to let someone else do it once in a while, right?)  I absolutely LOVE my calling, and it's kinda cool to be a "man" in primary.  

Last year, I decided that I wanted to record the primary songs that we were doing for the program. I had acquired some different arrangements of a few of the songs.  It was fun, and the kids loved it.  The problem was that when I tried to record the entire 70+ children on a practice run-through of the program on a Saturday morning, there was just too much coughing, movement, talking, etc to really get a good recording.  We did our best, and then I made a CD, and that is what we gave the mom's in our ward for Mother's Day last year instead of a flower.  They really loved it, even if the quality wasn't up to my standards.  So, this year, I am doing things differently.  I own a recording studio, and have arranged music for all but 1 of the songs we are doing this year (meaning that we are only doing 1 of our 8 songs out of the actual Primary Song Book).  I have spent months arranging, orchestrating, and recording the music, and now just have to arrange a day to get all the kids together to record their vocals.  (I have also utilized Kami Bolen's work - it's great!) So, I wanted to share with all of you some of that music.  I have a couple of them posted already to my YouTube page, and will be posting the rest over the coming days.  If you're interested, please stop by and listen.  I'm happy to help any of you with your music.  I have high expectations for my primary kids, and they never disappoint.  We do harmonies on a few of the songs we are singing this year, along with some wonderful solos mixed into the songs.  

Here is a link to my Primary YouTube playlist (Please subscribe while you're there so you get updates when I've put new ones on, and don't forget to "like", and comment also!!) 

I have also started a blog for my recording studio, if you're interested not only in the Primary music, but other artists (to this point they are all LDS) that I'm working with.  You can check that out at:

Thanks!  (And Thanks to Camille for posting this for me!!)  I am hoping that I can be of help to all of you going forward with your actual music for primary while Camille gives you all the teaching ideas."

If you are interested in any of his arrangements, you can contact him at

Thank you again Ben for sharing!


Hannah Ryan said...

This is great thanks! Wondering if there it's a way to have access to the sheet music?

Camille said...

He said to just email him at the email address listed above.