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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hinges for Halloween!

I thought it would be fun to teach the song Hinges this week (I actually don't know this one very well) using a paper plate skeleton...kind of bringing in the Halloween theme but not really as you could use this skeleton any time of year to teach the song :).

I made this big guy using brads (found at Wal-Mart in the office section) so it will hinge when you move it.  I made small holes for the brad to fit into using a pencil tip.  I found a pattern HERE and sort of eye-balled the whole thing as I cut!  I didn't pay to download the pattern but I suppose you could.  UPDATE:  check the comments for an actual pattern you can download and print if you need!!

You can print and cut out the words HERE.  Use plasty-tac or masking tape to tape the word strips onto the skeleton.  You want them to come off easily - and be used again if you do two singing times for Junior and Senior.  I know Junior can't read but it's an easy song and they'll get the hang of it.  I may not even put the words back on for Junior - we'll see!  If I don't, I'll post the words up front for the teachers so they can help me sing (see how I post words HERE).

Before primary I'll hang it on the chalkboard using heavy magnets on a few body sections.

To play, I'll pick a child to come up, remove a phrase and put the skeleton in a funny position.  Then we'll sing the song (the kids can mimic the skeleton's position as they sing!) and repeat with a new child until the words are gone.  Once the words are gone, we'll sing it as long as we have new kids to come put it in a new position.

Happy Halloween!!


Laura Henckel said...

Okay, best Halloween singing time ever! Hate that I missed it this year

Laura Henckel said...

Did you get this actual pattern? I went to the link and it says I have to pay to get the pdf.

Marli said...

This is a great wiggle worm song. My kids love singing it and bending our hinges every which way. Both Jr and Sr primary have started to prefer it over "Snowman", which is a huge deal.

Laurel said...

Thank you for this great idea! I'm excited to use it tomorrow. I found a website that has an almost identical paper skeleton to the one you referenced and she offers her pattern for free. Here is the link...

Kristina Bills said...

I'm worried senior will hate this. How receptive is senior primary to this activity?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Kristina,

I know all primaries are different but this has been a HUGE hit especially with my Sr. primary {boys!}.


Kristina Bills said...

I'm going to try it! Thank you for making my calling so easy, especially since I just had a baby.