Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hinges for Halloween!

I thought it would be fun to teach the song Hinges this week (I actually don't know this one very well) using a paper plate skeleton...kind of bringing in the Halloween theme but not really as you could use this skeleton any time of year to teach the song :).

I made this big guy using brads (found at Wal-Mart in the office section) so it will hinge when you move it.  I made small holes for the brad to fit into using a pencil tip.  I found a pattern HERE and sort of eye-balled the whole thing as I cut!  I didn't pay to download the pattern but I suppose you could.

You can print and cut out the words HERE.  Use plasty-tac or masking tape to tape the word strips onto the skeleton.  You want them to come off easily - and be used again if you do two singing times for Junior and Senior.  I know Junior can't read but it's an easy song and they'll get the hang of it.  I may not even put the words back on for Junior - we'll see!  If I don't, I'll post the words up front for the teachers so they can help me sing (see how I post words HERE).

Before primary I'll hang it on the chalkboard using heavy magnets on a few body sections.

To play, I'll pick a child to come up, remove a phrase and put the skeleton in a funny position.  Then we'll sing the song (the kids can mimic the skeleton's position as they sing!) and repeat with a new child until the words are gone.  Once the words are gone, we'll sing it as long as we have new kids to come put it in a new position.

Happy Halloween!!


Laura Henckel said...

Okay, best Halloween singing time ever! Hate that I missed it this year

Laura Henckel said...

Did you get this actual pattern? I went to the link and it says I have to pay to get the pdf.

Marli said...

This is a great wiggle worm song. My kids love singing it and bending our hinges every which way. Both Jr and Sr primary have started to prefer it over "Snowman", which is a huge deal.

Laurel said...

Thank you for this great idea! I'm excited to use it tomorrow. I found a website that has an almost identical paper skeleton to the one you referenced and she offers her pattern for free. Here is the link...