Thursday, October 30, 2014

Children All Over the World

We sing Children All Over the World every year to kick off our Thanksgiving season!  The kids LOVE the posters and have a great time with this song!  Find my lesson plan HERE.

Since taking these pictures, I have colored sections of each poster in one color. Like the little boy from Spain, I colored a few of the lines in his scarf orange, then one of the girls I colored her apron red, Germany got some green, etc. Really simple but a little color helped significantly. I plan on laminating these this weekend as they are starting to take a beating!

If you are looking for more Thanksgiving ideas, check out my "Thanksgiving" tab over on the right side in the Labels section and there'll you'll find LOTS more ideas for this month!

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The Allen Family said...

Oh how I wish there was a file of this you could share. Mine would never turn out as cute. :)