Friday, July 25, 2014

Primary Fireworks

I've seen this idea floating around a few places so I thought I'd give it a try...

Primary Fireworks Review! 
Perfect to send us out of July with a BANG!!!

Summer's been seriously fun and crazy at home so I also needed a quick activity to make up for my lack of planning.  I purchased 2 packages of 10 of these Party Poppers at Wal-Mart for $1.47 each (I found them in the party section).  Since I have a Jr. and a Sr. primary I needed 14 total (7 songs for each primary).  Amazon sells them too but with additional snappers:

Then I simply wrote the names of our 7 songs we've learned so far this year on small pieces of paper and slipped them into each one.  I used tweezers to lift the cardboard end, then popped it back into place...

To use them, I'll pop each one out toward the kids and out will "explode" (it just pops out - there is no explosion at all!) the confetti and the song to sing.  Now, so we don't just sing each song, I am going to bring some previously-used activities to go along with each song when we sing it (totally optional):
  • He Sent His Son: Position Cards (find them HERE)
  • I Will Follow God's Plan: Necklaces (find them HERE - I will just switch out random ones telling who should sing)
  • I Stand All Amazed: Hot 'n Cold (find it HERE)
  • The Family is of God: Musical Instruments (find it HERE)
  • Family History-I Am Doing It: Lap/Clap/Slap (find it HERE - scroll down past the instruments)
  • Keep the Commandments: Bells (Find it HERE)
  • Baptism: Wands (find it HERE)
If you want some more ideas for other review games, find them all HERE and scroll through them.


Kristina Bills said...

Does that really work? I worry I am going to ruin the popper.

Camille Hill said...

Hi Kristina,

It totally works - it's really simple. The popper isn't complicated at all and you can remove the bottom paper to insert the slip of paper without ruining it. I was suprised how simple it was!


Rachel said...


I love this idea and found these same poppers at Walmart. When my kids did some practice runs, I noticed the smell of gun powder lingers for a while after popping them. Was this a problem at the church? Thanks!


Camille Hill said...

When I did it, I didn't notice but you should definitely do what you feel comfortable with.


Unknown said...

I bought some and was excited to use them, but like the comment before, there is a smell of gun powder. Is this ok to use in the church building? Now Im not sure if I can use them.

Camille Hill said...

I just commented on the post above, but definitely do what you feel comfortable with. I didn't find it a problem, I guess you could double check with your PP or bishop beforehand. My approach is to just ask for forgiveness 😉.