Friday, July 18, 2014

Pioneer Day with Chimes!!

You can easily use this singing time with the KidsPlay Handbells if you don't have chimes!  I also have a list of all my Pioneer Day singing time activities HERE.

Also, don't feel like you can't celebrate the pioneers because you don't live in Utah!  The pioneers are part of our entire church's heritage and it's worth celebrating wherever you live.

A few months ago, I purchased a set of chimes (find my post HERE for details) that I've been hankering to pull out.  I had the thought that they would be super appropriate for Pioneer Day!  Kind of old-fashioned, homemade instruments that pioneers may have used to create music! ;)

I purchased them without tags so I am in the process of labeling them.  I wanted my own tag so they would match all my handbell charts...

You can print my Tag document HERE.  I simply printed the document on card stock, laminated it and cut the circles out.  Then I punched holes, cut small slits (see below), put them on the strings and taped the slits shut...

For the activity, I'd love to pull out some pioneer clothing but I don't own any - maybe I'll try hitting up some more neighbors (they are SO good to me!).  I'd love to dress up my bell choir.  You can make your own paper bag pioneer clothing if you like - find information on those HERE.

There are several pioneer pictures in the Gospel Art Book [GAB] found HERE that I'll post on the chalkboard:

I'll quickly discuss how pioneers and their children did lots of singing.  Music brought joy into their lives that would otherwise be very monotonous and dull.  Just like pioneers, we can also bring joy into our own lives through music!

Then I'll pass out the chimes and we'll ring and sing Little Pioneer Children and To Be a Pioneer.  See how I like to use handbells in primary HERE.  The handbell charts are for the optional descants.  Find my note chart for Little Pioneer Children HERE and then To Be a Pioneer HERE.

Below are the JPEG versions in case you prefer that format...

Like always, if you find mistakes - let me know ASAP!  How embarrassing!!

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Karie said...

I LOVE how you added tags!!! I have a set someone donated to the school, but they're numbered. I'm totally going to make tags like yours. Thanks!