Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Baptism, 2nd & 3rd Verses

You can find my lesson plan for the 1st verse HERE.  I will quickly review the first verse by simply flipping through the 5 "answer" pictures/keywords.

Then for the 2nd verse,  I made a "Why" t-shirt out of my "Who" t-shirt.  I didn't even need more blue tape, just moved the "O" pieces around...
(I don't post many pictures of myself...a little intimidating, ha!)

I'll be wearing it during singing time this Sunday.  I figure if I make everyone else dress all goofy, I can do it too once in a while ;).

Then I'll have my blue wands again:
(find out where I purchased mine HERE)

And I'm going to use the "Wand Position Cards." Find more details HERE.

For Senior Primary, I will have the words to the 2nd and 3rd verses written on the chalkboard with chalk.  I'll put on the "Why" t-shirt and inform the kids that the 2nd and 3rd verse of our song talks all about WHY we get baptized.  We'll sing the verses together and have the kids find the 4 answers:

1.  To fulfill the law
2.  To enter with my Father In the kingdom up on high.
3. Witness faith in Jesus' word,
4. Be baptized to show obedience, As was Jesus Christ, our Lord.

I'll then pass out the wands.  I'll flip through the "Wand Position Cards" similar to how I did it with the regular Position Cards I made a few weeks ago HERE.

After each time we sing it, I'll call a few kids up (enough so everyone will get a turn) to erase maybe 2 words each.  Hopefully we'll repeat the song enough that all the words will eventually be erased.

Now, Junior will run a little differently seeing that the majority of them cannot read.  Again, I'll review the 1st verse with the 5 answer sheets.  Then put on my t-shirt and ask the kids to listen for why we get baptized as the teachers and I sing the both verses.  I may repeat that several times to hopefully get all the answers.

Then I'll pass out the ribbon wands and assign each phrase a "Wand Position Card."  We'll sing each phrase using one action.  I'll hang that card on the chalkboard and then add on - similar to what OCD Primary has suggested, just without words.


Barbara Wilson said...

Thank you so much for this idea. I did the 1st verse last week with the T-Shirts and it was a very fun way of learning the song. Looking forward to the other verses. Thank you for sharing your talent!

Jeri said...

you're a sweet heart :)

Else said...

You're super cute!

Kelsey said...

The position cards are no longer found at the link given.

Camille Hill said...

Hi Kelsey,

I've updated the link. Thanks for letting me know!