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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Keep the Commandments Bell Chart

I'm finishing up teaching Keep the Commandments this Sunday (see my original lesson plan HERE) using the handbells on the obbligato portion.  You can see how I use handbells in primary HERE.

This chart is for the obbligato portion, not the melody.  However, I wrote in the words to the melody that coincide with that particular obbligato note.  Clear as mud?  Then, this song only uses the high "C" note.  For my primary, I'll just pass out both "C" notes anyway.  This will give more kids an opportunity to ring a bell.

I plan on using the handbells when we perform this song for our program.  I've used the handbells several times in Sacrament Meeting, as my bishop has approved it.  If you plan to do the same, just make sure you have approval from your bishop as well.

You can download the below chart HERE.

*NOTE:  My digital piano is currently under repair and I haven't been able to double check my chart on the piano.  If you find errors, PLEASE leave a comment and I'll get it corrected as soon as possible.  If you have a piano around and want to double check my work, I'd love to know that it is error-free!

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