Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finishing I Will Follow God's Plan

I'll be completing my "I Will Follow God's Plan" game board (find the lesson plan HERE)...

I played it with the Sr. 2 weeks ago and they had a lot of fun with it.  I will change a little bit how I played it with them.  Last time when we passed the colored squares (but didn't land on them), we didn't add the clip art (only if we landed on them and guessed the correct picture).  When we reached the end of singing time, we were about halfway along the game board and only had about 3 clip art pictures up.

So this week we're going to start from the beginning again but any time we pass colored squares we'll fill in the correct clipart.  The only time we'll go up a ladder or down a slide is if we land on the actual color and guess the correct/incorrect clip art picture.  So when we finish the game board, all the clip art images will be up.

For Jr., 2 weeks ago, we again got through about half of the game board - we played with no teams.  I added the clipart any time we passed over a colored square (even if we didn't land on it).  We only had to guess the correct clipart if we landed on the colored squares.  This week we'll pick up where we left off.  If we finish, I'll just get the next game marker and start from the beginning again.

In both Jr. and Sr. we sang the song up to where the markers were in between rolls.  In Jr. Primary whenever we sang a clipart word, we cupped our hands around our mouths and sang those words loudly - they thought that was fun.

 I hope this all makes sense.  Leave comments if you are totally confused and I'll try to clarify more!  But with both Jr. and Sr. Primaries, everyone was really engaged and we were able to sing the song a million times!!

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Kylie Burton said...

LOVE this idea. Can't wait to use it, thank you thank you! For Jr. Primary, did you have them go up and down the ladders as well depending on if they pick the right pic?