Monday, January 20, 2014

I was contacted by Musical Pipes ( with some great information on making (or purchasing) pipe chimes for primary...

"If you have ever played a set of pipe chimes around the holidays, you know just how much fun it can be for the whole family as everyone gathers together and takes part in playing familiar Christmas songs.  You also know that pipe chimes usually only come out once a year and the song selection is very limited and based on the musical talents of whoever owns the chimes...until now.

Musical Pipes is your pipe chime gold mine and is excited to announce our new addition to the site:  LDS Primary pipe chime music.  In addition to offering all our sheet music for free (50 Christmas and 79 Primary songs), we offer free instructions on how to make your own set, free carrying bag instructions, free labels to use and free playing tips and tricks for playing with kids of almost all ages. You can even buy your own pre-made set and carrying bag (if you choose not to make them) for a very reasonable price.  You can purchase our full feature songbooks (including key signatures, numbers of pipe chimes used and their popularity throughout the song, lyrics and a table of contents) as as digital download for only $3 with the option to print it however you’d like.  You’ll love having all the songs in one place.

Why bring your pipe chimes out only one time a year?  Keep them out all year round and enjoy playing the Primary songs with your family during family home evenings, let your kids play with them during normal play time (they love playing with chimes and probably don’t realize how educational they are) or include them in Primary lessons and singing time.  Playing music with the whole family is a great way to make memories and invite the special spirit the Primary songs bring.

Chime in the fun and visit Musical Pipes today!"

I have used pipes in a previous ward which were really fun - the stake primary there made each ward a set!  But since I've moved from that ward, I haven't had pipes.  I'm not up to making my own but am considering purchasing a set.  Our primary already own handbells but if I added pipes when I use the handbells, more kids could participate.

Here's the website again:

Go check it out!

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