Monday, November 18, 2013

LDS Blue Skies Music

Joy over at contacted me and gave me information about her website for "arrangements of LDS hymns/children's songs and original composition."  She has a few arrangements for free and the rest can be purchased at a small price then emailed directly to you in a PDF format.  No shipping necessary.

If some fun arrangements are something you are interested in, take a look!  She has one on there that is part of this year's program, I Will Follow God's Plan (and she also has one of my "your choice" songs, Family History - I am Doing it) which may be really nice to incorporate.  And she informed me she's planning on arranging something for I Stand All Amazed which I'd totally love!!  It should be ready in January so I'll make sure to watch for it.

Thanks for sharing your talent, Joy!


ali cross said...

Camille, I am a huge fan and totally stalk your site every week. I've copied you on so much I hardly know where your ideas and mine begin or if mine exist at all apart from yours! LOL (And since I live in your area and I'm never sure when I'll run into someone who knows you, I'm forever telling them "this is from Camille's Primary Ideas!" :P)

Thanks for the heads up about these arrangements! I've only been a chorister a couple months, but I *might* be ready to try an arrangement for 2014. :)

Rachel said...

Thank you for posting about this! Our presidency has decided to divide the primary kids by families for the program this year and wants a special part for each song that the family groups can do, so I am searching for ideas for each of this year's songs. I'm hoping to find more resources like this!

Camille said...

You may want to check out as I've used a few arrangements from their website as well.