Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Article of Faith Punch Card

I found these DARLING Article of Faith punch cards HERE.  This whole website is FABULOUS.  I spent an evening browsing her work!  Love it.  I thought these would go well with my Article of Faith Binder I made HERE as we're working on one of these each month.

Anyway, I thought it would be awesome to print this at Costco as a 4x6 [lustre] picture to have for each child in Primary.  But I wouldn't give the cards to them - but to the Bishop along with a hole punch (to help the kids get more familiar with him).  I'd write all the kids' names on the cards, punch a hole in the upper lefthand corner and put them on a little ring.  Then once learned, the kids can go recite their Articles of Faith to the Bishop and he'll be the one to punch them off.  Once the card is full, the child will get their card from the Bishop, bring it to me (or a Primary Presidency Member) and we'll present them a certificate (maybe with an attached candy bar) in Primary.  This will help them pass off their Faith in God requirements as well!

In a previous ward, a Primary counselor took the 3rd Sunday every month and designated it as "Article of Faith Sunday."  Starting January she taught 1 & 2, then February 3, March 4, etc.  So by December we were at 13.  She presented each lesson simply by using basic pictures, the posters from the library, etc.    One month, she made a scroll box thing that was cute.  She also had me lead the corresponding Article of Faith song.  She was very particular that the children learn the exact wording as well.

At the beginning of each of my singing times, I pull out the Article of Faith binder and we run through the Article of Faith song for the month maybe twice (find information on that HERE).  While we sing through it, if there are kids who want to pass off their Articles, they quietly go into the hall (about 2 at a time) and recite them to our counselor.

When they have passed off all 13, they get a certificate and a reward.  Find details HERE.

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