Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If the Savior Stood Beside Me, vs. 1

I'm not teaching this until next month but I thought I'll be of no use to anyone if I get this up then (that said, I'm a week late getting this out anyway).  But here's what I'll be presenting when I teach this song:

Before Primary I'll hang pictures on the chalkboard that are suggested in the 2013 outline (page 26 which also suggests using word strips and has a few other ideas) found HERE, pages 6-7 (there are a few similar ones in the Gospel Art Book which I'll mostly use to save me from having to download and print all of these).

I really liked Pat Graham's "Attention Getter" for this song.  She really brings the meaning to the children's level.  You can find her demonstration of it by going HERE and scrolling down to video "Part 8" and it's about 5:45 into the video.  I "made" some cookies I'll cut out and bring to church here:

  Cookies by  

Then I'm going to teach the words using the simplified ASL from Sara (again, thank you!!)

I've been reviewing this video and won't be bringing it to church.  I make sure I know it well enough and jot down simple notes in case I draw a blank while I'm up front (can't say that's never happened before!).  I like to learn everything backwards (so I mirror what I see) then have the kids mirror me, thus learning it with the correct hand.

Sometimes before we begin I have the kids practice mirroring me with simple gestures like touching their head with their right hand as I touch my head with my left, etc.

Below is my lesson plan for the first verse that I'll bring to help me remember everything (including my notes for the various signs which may make no sense to anyone but me.  I've learned that creating these notes is one of the best ways to learn the signs as it makes me review the video several times to get the notes typed up):

I think it would be really cute to pass out a chocolate chip cookie (maybe store-bought) and a napkin at the end (if it's not fast Sunday) only because it coincides so well with the lesson.

If you have any other tips for teaching the kids sign language, please comment!

UPDATE: Here's my signing notes for the 2nd and 3rd verses:

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Mary said...

Thank you for this great idea! I will be using it this Sunday as I teach the song to Jr. Primary. I love the ASL but I worry about them learning ALL of it so I think I'm going to take a sign or two and use it for each phrase, or think up some other way to sign it because I know the kids learn better with actions.