Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pat Graham Workshop Recording

Okay, I'm finally ready!  I was able to get special permission from Sister Pat Graham and record her workshop from a few Saturday's ago.  Below are her notes I scanned in and you'll find all the video links below that (make sure to watch them in order ;).  So, print yourself off some notes, grab a pen, a comfy chair and get ready because she has some great teaching techniques!

Download her handout HERE (2 pages).
Part 1 (15 minutes)

Part 2 (15 minutes)

Part 3 (15 minutes)

Part 4 (15 minutes)

Part 5 (15 minutes)

Part 6 (15 minutes)

Part 7 (15 minutes)

Part 8 (15 minutes)

Part 9 (5 minutes)

If you find any problems with the videos (being out of sequence, etc.) please let me know!   And if you want to post about this video online, will you please direct everyone back here? Thanks!


Brooke said...

Well, shoot! I was sitting so close to you! I wish I had known, I would have introduced myself. This was such a great, great workshop. What a treat to have access to it again. Thanks!

Shell's Diaries said...

That. Was. Fabulous. Oh how I wish I could go to one of those workshops, but so grateful you have put it here. Thank you so much. I feel so much more motivated now to do my best. Thank you, thank you!

ToddandCamille said...

Thank you so much for posting that it was awesome! I live in Georgia so that was wonderful to be able to see that workshop!

Ben said...

Camille - Another "Thank You" to you for taking the time to video, edit, post and make this available to us all. I have led the music in primary for a total of about 7 years in different wards, and just started in a new ward. It is my favorite!!! It's SO much more fun than going to Sunday School and Priesthood Meeting! It's not common for a man to lead the music, but I love it! I look at your blog each week, and leverage your great ideas and work. Thank you for what you do for me, and the many music leaders that you help every week with your giving. - Ben

Kami said...

This is great! Thank you for your work. Has anyone typed up the list of "support songs" she talks about for this year?

Camille said...

It's funny because her list of supporting songs is almost identical to my 2013 Music CD I made for our Primary. If you search my blog for the "2013 Primary CD" you can see that list. But I just went through the 2013 outline and highlighted all the songs mentioned and created my playlist from that. I may be missing one or two and may have added a few others as well. But as far as an actual list, I don't know of one. Hope that helps.


Hawaii Monkeys said...

Thank you so much!! I feel really blessed to have been able to watch this as well! I'm dying to know how the fingerplay ends! The video cuts off, how does it end?!!!!

Camille said...

Sorry, I ran out of tape and now I don't remember!

Chelsey said...

I am so grateful for this video post!!!! I hope the windows of heaven bless you and your family as you help me so very much in this amazingly wonderful calling. I couldnt do it without your ideas and organization!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

robandsuzie said...

Love it! What an awesome experiance this was. Did you write down the Follow the Prophet ferse on President Monson? Sister Grahm doesn't have that one or her site, and you couldn't read it in the video. I would love to have the words to it.
Thanks again it was Wonderful!!

Camille said...

Sorry, all I have is the video. You could email sister graham at and see if she'd email it to you.


Appreciate your help said...

Thank you fron Australia this is so helpful

Jamie Schoonmaker said...

Thank your for Posting this and keep you history. it is so helpfull to look back. I wish we had someone lik her to teach us in colorado, if you here of a class Ppost it I' would like to come to it
thank you thank your