Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Am a Child of God

Things this month got a little changed on me.  We have Stake Conference next week (totally forgot when I planned January) and the Primary Presidency wants to add another song to the program called One in a Million which goes along with this year's primary theme (music is on found HERE  [just scroll down] along with videos which you can find it all HERE).  I guess they will be spotlighting each child and putting information of each child on a board they're creating, similar to the video site.  More to come on that.

ANYWAY, with these changes, I am going to get through as much of I Am a Child of God as I can this week (my lesson could easily take 2 weeks).  Then the last week in January, I am going to combine sharing and singing time with the primary counselor as we teach One in a Million and introduce the spotlighting idea.

So, here's my plan for this Sunday:

I'm going to first introduce the song by reading a little blip found in the A Children's Songbook Companion (see information on that book HERE) about how the word "know" was eventually changed to the word "do" by President Kimball.  I think I'll not tell them what song I'm talking about and see if they can guess it.

Then I'll post the "Chorus" page of this document on the chalkboard (questions are also from A Children's Songbook Companion):

Access the below documents via Google Docs HERE instead of Scribd.

I'll read the first question, then we'll sing through the chorus and answer the question.  I'll repeat until we've asked, sung and answered the 3 questions on the "Chorus" page.

Then I'm going to do the obbligato portion with the bells.

Here's my note chart (you can access it HERE on Google Docs):

If you've never used the handbells before, see how I like to use them HERE.

Then as we pass the bells around the room, any time a child does not have a handbell, they will be answering the questions on the "Verse 1 - 4" pages on the document above.

To help answer the questions, I'll post the words (below is the UPDATED & CORRECTED version) like I always do:

You can access the below document via Google Docs HERE instead of Scribd.

If you don't know how I do that, find that information HERE.

Have I lost you yet?  So, for example, when we get to the "Verse 1" page, I'll post it on the chalkboard and read the first question.  We'll then sing verse one/chorus while the bell ringers play the obbligato with the bells.  All the non-bell ringers will be trying to answer the question.  Once finished, we'll pass the bells to the next kids, read the next question on the "Verse 1" page and repeat until we've completed all the verse question pages and everyone has had a chance to ring some bells.

It's a lot to try to cram into one week but we'll just move along!  If need be, for Jr. I'll just stick to the first verse and quickly answer the questions then just ring the bells the rest of the time.  Sr. Primary I'm sure can handle the challenge!

If it is easier for you to have the kids play the regular melody on the chorus, I created a bell chart for that as well.  You can download it HERE.  But to reiterate, this is for the CHORUS MELODY ONLY!


Cammie Smith said...

Totally using this tomorrow. Thanks for the awesome ideas, Camille!

WtlMomma said...

I'm using a variation of this tomorrow. THANK YOU for the help!

Emily S. said...

Thanks! You always have such great ideas. On your wordsheets for I Am A Child of God, your chorus says "Teach me what I must do" but the words are "Teach me all that I must do." I thought maybe you would want to fix that.

Emily S. said...

AAAAHh. I see now that it is the descant version of the chorus that you have printed after each verse.

Camille said...

Oh dang it - thanks for catching that!!

Camille said...

Okay, I fixed it...thanks again!!

lcturpin said...

Camille - Thanks for sharing your ideas! I wanted to teach another song to go with the program, and I love the song One in a Million, what are your ideas on teaching it? I was thinking it would be cool to show the videos of the kids found on, but I can't see how I can download any of them. Love to hear your ideas!

Julia said...

I love the hand bell idea - I have an 8 note set - but I've never used them - can you give me some simple directions for how to use the hand bell chart? Should it sound like the song or does it just add to the piano music? thanx so much!

Camille said...

I have a post I've written called "Using handbells in Primary" that you may want to check out. But usually when I use the bells, I only do songs with the obbligato or descant (the optional music/singing) line written above the music. Or, once I did the guitar chords (see my post on Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus).

I hope that helps out a little bit. I love the bells and the kids love them even more so definitely use them!!

Camille said...

Most wards have WiFi available now - you may want to check with your bishopric. I think we'll be introducing it using a few of the videos. I'm not quite there yet on the specifics of teaching the song but I'll get it up sometime (hopefully this week but we have Stake Conference so I may end up putting it off for a week ;).

Ben said...

Hi. I was wondering what ideas any of you have on a good way to teach the kids to sing the descant part? I am dividing Jr and Sr primary, and having the Jr sing the regular melody, and Sr sing the descant. We've worked on it for 2 weeks now, but it isn't coming along so well. I've tried having them just listen to it on the piano, clapping the rhythm with their hands, and just singing it. Any ideas??

Camille said...

When I've taught other parts that aren't the melody, I've photo copied the music and passed out a copy to the kids. I've then passed out a crayons (or hi-liters) and let them color in their part. Then maybe you can try to pitch lead with your hand while they look at the music. Get them familiar when the notes go up or down. You could also just have them try pitch leading (following you) as you sing it over and over. Pass out a popcycle stick to each child and have them follow your hand as you go up and down with the notes as you sing. Another fun pitch leading idea is to get a PVC pipe or other stick about 3 feet long. Have 2 kids come up and hold it pretending they are on a roller coaster that goes up when the notes go up and down when the notes go down. Let everyone have a "ride" and I'm sure you'll be able to bang out the descant quite a few times!! Good luck!


Ben said...

Thanks Camille! I appreciate your suggestion. I'll give it a try and we'll see how they do this Sunday!

Karl said...

I am trying to figure out how to teach the descant to I am a Child of God and stumbled upon your blog. I taught One in a Million two years ago and have some great ideas. I showed them the book "What is a Million" and read a few parts out of it. I also have a flipchart. I was going to put it on Sugardoodle, but never got it to send right. Patty

Camille said...

Kari, thanks for this - do you know the author of the book? I'd love to look it up!