Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Article of Faith Song Prompts

Last week in Primary, we were going over the 5th Article of Faith (as that's our Article of Faith song we're working on right now).  And NONE of the kids knew any of the words (or the song for that matter) - I was a little shocked.

A few weeks ago, on the LDS Chorister's Facebook group page (not a member? find out how to join HERE), Lesley posted some song prompts found on Sugardoodle HERE.  There is an error on the 11th Article of Faith song prompt.  It says "We believe claim."  I just took a sharpie marker and blacked out the "believe."

Anyway, I decided to make a little 3-ring binder dedicated just to these song prompts:
My new Article of Faith binder will stay in the Primary closet (along with my million other things like my Nursery Bag, Wiggle Worm jar, handbells, etc.) and I'll pull it out each week as we go over whatever Article of Faith song we are working on.  I hope it helps.

The Articles of Faith are just too important to be ignored.  I know singing them once a week in Primary isn't enough to commit them to memory but it can't hurt, right?  If you have more ideas for teaching the Articles of Faith, please let me know!

See how we track progress HERE and find the reward they get HERE for memorizing them.


Shell's Diaries said...

GREAT idea. I make a binder for each holiday as is comes, with the flipcharts, never thought to do one for A of F. Thanks!

Tawna said...

I use these prompts. We actually sing the Articles of Faith as prelude music. As soon as I get to the primary room, I whip that binder out and flip open to a page and whoever is in there begins singing with me. We sing until the presidency is ready to begin. At first, I was singing solo on most of the Articles of Faith, but it's been two months and the Senior primary sing 1-10 confidently, and the Juniors can do 1-6. I love these prompts!

Sally Jackson said...

great idea!

Kimberly Baker said...

So...I LLLOOOVVVEEE these Article of Faith cards!!! And I would REALLY love to have some large (8 1/2 x 11) cards to print and hang up in my primary room, but everywhere I look, I see the mini (1") ones or the baseball cards size. Where should I go to find the 8 1/2 x 11 size?

Rhonda Andresen said...

I too would love the bigger binder size pictures. It's such a wonderful help Camille. Thank you from a newbie!