Thursday, November 29, 2012

Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus, Chorus, Part 2

Find Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus, Chorus, Part 1 HERE.  You can find how I taught the actual verses HERE.

I'm SO excited!!  I purchased the extended octave set (the orange box) for our Primary so I now have the 20-set of Handbells!  I ordered them on Sunday night and they arrived Wednesday afternoon!  Now, when a note is played and I have the 2 octaves, I'll just have both octaves played since they are exactly the same color.

Going forward, I think I'm going to have all our Christmas songs we perform in Sacrament Meeting use the handbells.  The congregation really enjoys seeing and hearing them and the kids just LOVE to perform with them. They add a really neat dynamic, in my opinion.  If you are interested in using the bells, find out how I use them and where I bought them HERE.

We're going to be singing Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus as one of our musical numbers (Christmas Bells will be our other one - if you want details on that one, find it HERE as I did it last year).  I thought it would be fun to use the bells on the chorus of this song.  Because there is no obligato or descant for this song, I'm going to try to use the guitar chords that are referenced in the music....[gulp] I hope it's not a train wreck!!

The guitar chords play 3 notes at a time so the bells will also.  Below is my music and each LINE or BOX is played at the same time.  My counting is over to the right (the little line).  The link above also tells you how I do my counting.

If you have used the bells in Primary, I'd love to know if you've used my note charts and if they've worked for you, what you've tweaked, etc.  To print my music charts, just copy each page and paste them into a Word Document.  Enlarge the image until it fills the entire page.  I just hope they don't get to pixelated.  I wish I was more computer-techy-ish.  I make these using a scrapbook software and the only way to export the image is as a jpeg or a picture.  Sorry!

The note-chart is for the chorus only.  Download the pages HERE.


Lisa said...

A question: Do you have the kids ring the bells just one ring or shake them for each note? (I hope this question makes sense. . .)

Also, there is a way you can make any document you create into a pdf. There is a free program you can download that installs as a printer. When you go to print you choose it as your printer and it will save it as a pdf. I have used it for years and it works great. It is called CutePDF. Here is the link: Don't forget to also install Ghostscript. In the instructions it gives you a link.

Camille said...

Thanks Lisa...I'll look into getting these into PDF so I can post them online. I'm slowly learning.

As for ringing the bells, I have the kids hold them against their shoulder when not being used then they move their arm forward and ring the bell once. On occasion, at the end note, I'll let everyone shake but it gets to be too crazy if everyone shakes a few times when their bell is to be played.

I hope that makes sense.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the answer. That's how I was planning on doing it (got the bells this week) but I read on a different blog that they let the kids shake them and was curious what you did.

CutePDF is really easy to install. Just download both programs (I noticed that both are on the left side of the link I gave you) and follow installation instructions. It really does just show up as one of your printers. Choose it as the printer, click print in whatever program you are in and a screen will pop up asking where you want to save it. You can even "print" it in black and white or color. I have used it hundreds of times and it always worked great. But now I've switched to a Mac computer (using it for about a year now) and pdf is included as one of my print options so I no longer have to use CutePDF. When I had a stake calling CutePDF came to my rescue because I had to email so many flyers to other wards that I made in a program like your scrapbooking one.

Kathy Busch said...

I want to add a testimonial to Camille's suggestion. We bought this 20-bell set for use in our primary and the kids just love them. We had them play the bells for Stars were Gleaming and Silent Night for our Christmas program. The kids had a lot of fun and the ward members loved it.

Jill Pratt said...

Just did the chords work out for you? I have been wanting to try this, but I would love to get some input. I thought maybe I would just do the melody and alto together. Any thoughts?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Jill!

The chords were fun - the older kids really enjoyed the challenge! The little kids, well, they were just excited that more bells got to play more often :) but I never expect the bells to be perfect with them. I hope that helps some.


Jamie Schoonmaker said...

Carmilla, I love the bell charts, Have don't see link to down load the samual tell of Baby Jesus. for the Bell chart.

Camille Hill said...

Hi Jamie,

I've updated the post so you can download the files. Thanks!!