Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2013 Outline "I Am a Child of God"

I had a comment asking where I got my 2013 Outline for next year.  I happened to be at the Distribution Center here in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago and picked up a free copy.  If you don't have yours, you can do a few things:
  • Ask your Primary Presidency if they have received their copies from the Bishopric (or ask the Bishopric directly if they have received them from Salt Lake)
  • Head to your local Distribution Center if available
  • Download it online HERE
It really helps getting next year planned out by having this outline early.

There are some great music teaching tips on page 3 for teaching I am a Child of God, page 11 for teaching We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet (an optional song choice for May), page 17 for teaching A Child's Prayer, and page 26 - 27 which is entitled "How to Use Music in Primary."  Page 28 has the song to be learned this year that's not in the Children's Songbook, If The Savior Stood Beside Me.  You can download that song as well as all the other songs in the Program using the above link and scrolling down.

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Thank you so much Camille! You're an Angel!