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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stump the Primary

This is my last minute idea as I really slacked this week and didn't come up with a lesson plan!  We're going to play "Stump the Primary" and it's a combination of "Name that Tune" and "Pick your Favorite Primary Song."  This will be for Senior Primary only.  For Junior Primary, I'm just going to pull out the wiggle worm jar - it's been a while.  Find the jar HERE if you don't know what it is.

So I'm first going to divide the primary into 5 groups of 4 (assuming there's about 20 kids).  They will each get a little handheld songbook:

If you don't have a few copies of these little books, you can beg/steal/borrow neighbors' books or our library always has a slew of them!

Then each group will pick a song that they know.  They will go up and show the song to the pianist (bless her heart - this will be a tough week!).  She'll play it through and the rest of the Primary will flip through their books to see if they can find it.  Once the song is eventually guessed (maybe with some hints from me - ha!), we'll sing the song using our books.  The more random and unknown the songs are, the better!!

UPDATE:  Senior primary LOVED this and didn't want to stop!  We sang some songs that even I'M unfamiliar with and that's saying something!

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lana said...

Good idea. I like it :)