Saturday, June 30, 2012

Every Star is Different 1st & 2nd Verses

Wow - this is REALLY late for me this week.  The hubsters ditched me and went on an 8-day fishing trip with my dad to Alaska and left me alone with 4 little kids (Never fear, I'm planning my revenge for one day).  So I wasn't about to stay home bored for the week.  We up and went to visit my sister who lives a few hours south from us.  Had a fabulous time but now I'm playing catch up with everything!

I also figure not many choristers are planning the same song as I am this month so I may not be much help anyway.  I opted to not teach The Wise Man and the Foolish Man as everyone knows it and I don't think I could sing it in Sacrament Meeting (let alone the kids) without doing the actions.  So instead we're going to learn Every Star is Different this month (myself included as I do NOT know this song - I may be in trouble tomorrow!).

As it's very last minute, I went to my valuable resource - A Children's Songbook Companion (details on that found HERE).  As I've been putting my lesson plan together, I've changed a lot so I think it's okay to post it all:

You'll need 16 star-shaped word cards printed on yellow (optional) card stock (I laminated mine but again, optional).  Here are the words for the 1st and 2nd verses (I will not be teaching the chorus this week):


Then you'll need to cut out 2-3 large stars cut from 2-3 yellow posters (depending on the size of your primary - I'm going with 2 posters for 20 kids) .  Cut out ovals in the center, the size of a child's face.

You'll also need masking tape or magnets and the song on CD with a CD player.

For the activity, I'm going to have the Sr. Primary put all the star-shaped word cards in order on the chalkboard while we listen to the song on a CD player (iPod or pianist playing with you and the teachers singing would work too).  I'll probably have 4 kids come up at a time and see how many they can get in order then rotate the group until all the stars are posted.

Once all the stars are on the board and in order, I'll have 2 kids come up and hold up the poster stars so their faces are shining through.  We, as a Primary will talk about their unique qualities.  For example, blonde hair, brown eyes, great smile, sings like a champ, is kind, smart, etc.  Afterward, each child will take down a star and we'll sing through both verses.  We'll repeat until each child has been "star"lighted (ha) and the stars are all down off the chalkboard.

For Jr. Primary I'll just omit the putting-in-order bit and have them remove a star before we sing that round.  Together we'll read the star they choose and then try to sing those words very loudly.  Then we'll continue until all the stars are down and all the kids have been "star"lighted.  

You can use the handbells on the descant portion!  Find my bell chart for this song HERE.

Find my lesson plan for teaching the chorus HERE.

A few months ago I also gave a copy of the music to a boy's mother in our ward for him to learn the obligato part on his violin.  As far as I know he's learning it and planning on playing it for our program in September!  If I can, I'm going to see if he'll come and play it for us the last week I am working on this song.

I'll be teaching this song for 3 weeks this month.  Then I have a fun Pioneer Day activity planned and will probably do an Olympic themed 5th Sunday review so stay tuned!


Aprilyn said...

Thank-you for posting this!! I AM doing this song, and had no idea how I was going to teach it.

Em said...

Thanks for the great idea. We did a modified version of this today and the kids loved it!