Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nephi's Courage 1st and 2nd Verse

I'm going to teach the 1st and 2nd verses to Nephi's Courage this Sunday and then the 3rd verse next week.  I thought the first 2 verses go together nicely since they are all about Nephi.

I'm going to teach this song using popsicle puppets:
(sorry about the horrible camera died right after it was taken and I'm too lazy to wait to take another one.   You get the idea right? Nothin' singing time motto!!)

Someone from Yahoo groups kindly posted the links for all the pictures.  I used Nephi and Laman and Lemuel from HERE, Laban and the plates from HERE, and the boat from HERE.

I just copied the images onto a Word document, got them to be the sizes I wanted and then printed each page on card stock (discarding the extra images).  Then I took out my trusty markers and crayons and spent a good while coloring with my kids.  We had a great time coloring together while I was being productive!!  After I colored them, I ran them through my laminator and taped them to popsicle sticks.  End of prep.

As for teaching, I'm going to use actions (CHORUS ONLY) another someone kindly posted a few weeks ago on Yahoo Groups.  I've tweaked them just a little.  I'll teach the actions first before pulling out the stick puppets.  Here are the actions:

I will go (punch air upward/outward with fist - superhero-style like)
I will do (punch again with other fist)
the thing the Lord commands (asl for "commands" found HERE)
I know (point to forehead)
the Lord provides a way; he wants me to obey (soldier salute and jump)

After the chorus is learned I'll pull out the puppets.  I'm going to tell the kids they are going to put on a puppet show.  I'll have 4 kids come hold the figures for the first verse: Nephi, Lamen and Lemuel, Laban and the plates.  Then I'll tell the Primary we are going to sing the story to the puppeteers as they act out what we are singing (I'm assuming most of the kids know this song, if not, I'll have teachers help me sing).  I'll try to use half the Primary on the 1st verse taking turns with the puppets so we can sing it a few times.  The puppeteers will  also be in charge of leading the Primary in the chorus actions.

Same thing for the second verse but we'll use Nephi, Laman and Lemuel and the boat.

Find my lesson plan for teaching the 3rd verse HERE.


Ashley said...

Thanks for your ideas. I was trying to combine many of the great suggestions as well. FYI the first verse is about Laban and the plates. The second verse is about the boat. :)

Camille said...

Oops...thanks, I'll fix it ;).

Tracy said...

Thank you so much for sharing. This is a great combination of visuals and actions!
Tracy in Frisco, TX

cando37 said...

Fantabulous...just what I needed for Sunday, easy and effective. Thanks for putting the visuals all in one spot.

Christine said...

I'm doing this tomorrow but had a question, did you use some sort of backdrop for the puppeteering? Or just on a table or something?

Bonnie said...

I a PC. Can you explain how to enlarge and isolate the images?

Bonnie said...

I mean I HAVE a PC :)

Emily S. said...

Thank you! I used your ideas and the puppets and it worked wonderfully! The children loved the actions.

Camille said...

Sorry, this is a late response but maybe it can still help out...

Christine, I didn't do a backdrop. Thought about it but then decided it would be too much work so the kids just stood there. With the Jr. I put my hand on their head so they'd know when to raise up their puppets.

Bonnie, I just copied and pasted the webpages onto Pages (similar to Microsoft Word but on Mac) and then kind of played with the sizes. I really didn't need to change much. Then I just printed ALL the pictures out and discarded the ones I didn't use which was a lot but whatever works, right?

Hope that helps.

Everyone else, glad to help. For our Primary, it was a hit. The kids enjoyed the puppets and then being involved with the actions for the chorus.

Christine said...

Still looking for help on this. It didnt go as smoothly as I'd hoped. How do you do the actual acting out part?

Camille said...

Sorry about that...the kids just basically came up front and held the puppet. When we sang about that puppet, they just held it up. Some kids did a little more "acting" than others but for the most part it was simple. For Jr. primary I'd put my hand on their heads when their puppet should be held up. I did have some teachers come and do it and that was fun as they really hammed it up. I hope that helps. Good luck this week!!