Thursday, February 16, 2012

Choose the Right, Verses

I've got it! Thank you everyone for your ideas in helping me come up with my activity.

I'm only teaching the first verse of this song but this activity would work if you want to teach one or all of them.
Chorus visuals used found HERE (I may or may not use the CTR sticks, depends on how bored the kids get). If you didn't use these visuals, you can use a picture of Christ or any other picture depicting choosing the right.

Footsteps found HERE. I have 26 because that's how many I made for my other activity but if you want to make more or less, do so.

Words to your verse(s) either written directly on your footsteps using a dry erase marker (I found the dry erase rubs off after it's been repeatedly stepped on which is annoying) or print out the words, cut and tape them onto the footsteps (which is what I did). I chose 16 phrases from the first verse to put on 16 of the footsteps:


the right

when a choice

is placed

before you.

In the right

the Holy

Spirit guides;

And its light

is forever


o’er you,

When in

the right

your heart


You'll need the "CTR Game" from the February 2012 Friend found HERE printed on card stock (optional), laminated (also optional) and cut out (not optional ;). Take the 10 pairs (20 total cards) and tape one of each of the pairs onto the remaining 10 footsteps (the pictures I chose to tape to the footsteps are the NOT "choosing the right" picture. For instance, there's a picture of a messy bedroom and then its match is a clean bedroom. I taped the messy bedroom to the footstep. The clean bedroom will be taped to the chalkboard).

Before primary, post your chorus visuals on the chalkboard (or picture of Christ), post the 10 "choosing the right" matches along the bottom of the chalkboard, then place your 26 footsteps (16 word phrase footsteps in order with the other 10 NOT "choosing the right" match footsteps interspersed with the word footsteps) FACE DOWN going from the back of the Primary room leading down the aisle up to the chalkboard.

To play, call a child and have them turn over the first footstep. Reveal and say the first word (choose) and have the Primary sing the word as the child steps on it. Repeat for the next footstep to be turned over revealing the next word or CTR match card. As each child is called, they will turn over the next footstep and then start stepping at the beginning stepping as the words are sung by the Primary. Hopefully each child will get a turn to step!

When a match card is turned over, that child will look at the picture, tell what he sees (maybe pass around the footstep) and the Primary will help find it's match posted on the chalkboard. Discuss the answer (hint, the boarder colors around each card match each other!) then bring the match from the chalkboard and tape it next to its pair on the footstep.

Continue until all the footsteps are turned over, all the matches are found and all the words are learned!

Happy stepping!!


Alicia said...

What a great idea!! Thank you so much!

kathryn said...

I used this idea on Sunday and it was a big hit! Thank you so much!!

Brittanie said...

I want to use this idea today but a little confused about the activity part- do you have each child come up and step on a word (as it's sung) then sit back down? Then another child come up to turn over the next step (look at word/ picture) then sit back down? Thanks!

Camille said...

That's exactly it. The idea is just to gradually add one word at a time, each time starting from the beginning, with a new child. I hope that answers your question.