Thursday, January 19, 2012

Choose the Right, Chorus

We have Stake Conference in February so I'm contemplating introducing the chorus of Choose the Right on the 5th Sunday this month instead of the review activity I was planning on. Here's my rough idea for those of you looking for something. I'll firm up the details next week as this week I'm finishing up the 3rd verse of As a Child of God in ASL (find that HERE if you missed it).

I'll find pictures (maybe GAK?) of ways we choose the right each time the phrase "choose the right" is sung. That way we can discuss a little bit about how we choose the right and how it makes us feel, why we choose the right etc. I'll use the chalkboard to hang the pictures, write a few keywords (or draw some pictures for Jr. Primary) like "wisdom" "light" and "bless."

Then our primary learned the sign for the word "evermore" when we learned Beautiful Savior last year so we'll sign "evermore" at the end (if you want to learn what the sign is, look up Beautiful Savior in ASL on the church's music website HERE. It's the last word of that song too).

Then for the 1st verse I still want to incorporate my footsteps I used a few years ago (find it HERE). I'll have the footsteps lead up to the chorus. I think there are even more than 26 words in the 1st verse so I'll just combine phrases. For instance, one footstep will be "choose" and the next will be "the right" then "when" then "a choice" then "is placed" then "before you" and so on.

Just teaching the chorus and 1st verse could take 2 singing times so plan accordingly. I usually only teach the 1st verse of all the hymns we learn. Come program time, you can have the congregation sing the 2nd and 3rd verses as the closing hymn
or a small group of Primary children sing it if you really want it sung.

I don't know about you but these hymns are always a challenge.


Melissa said...

Hey, I wanted to thank you for sharing your ideas about teaching this song. I meant to get back to you and the weeks have slipped away! We started last week and the kids love the song! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas. :)

Angie said...

We're going to start this Sunday learning this song. I just made all my footprints! Thanks for the advice!