Thursday, January 5, 2012

As a Child of God

I'm going to teach this song using ASL. A Yahoo Groups member posted a FABULOUS YouTube video HERE using simplified signing, perfect for little hands!

I will go over this video several times so I know it VERY well. I also learn everything backwards (or I mirror what I see). That way when I teach it, the kids mirror me and they learn it correctly.

We'll learn one verse per week over the next 3 weeks.

So after I've learned the signs, I write myself notes. This way, if I get totally stuck in the middle of teaching, I have something to reference. My notes may not make sense to anyone but me because I am telling myself how to sign something. I like to write the word to be signed and a description (which necessarily isn't the actual sign to that word). The word being sung and the description may not always match due to translation.

When I start teaching the kids, I tell them to mirror me while I do something funny (wax on, was off, pat your head and rub your stomach, etc.) and explain I want them to mirror everything I do.

I'm also going to bring the Primary CD with the song on it. To start out, I'll tell the kids I want them only to watch me sign to the song. Once I've done that I'll go over each sign individually, gradually adding on while we sing and sign.

Then I'm planning on signing in our Sacrament Meeting program after I approve it with the Bishop of course!!


The Mecham Family said...

So as you were learning, did you just mirror her in the video? Because then when the kids mirror you, it's correct, right? I have NEVER done the ASL, but this is such a simple song, I think I'll try it! Thanks!!!

Camille said...

Yep - I learn it "backwards" or with my left hand, mirroring the girl in the video. Then I have the kids mirror me so they learn it with their right hand, correctly. It really is easy, just go over the video a lot and write yourself a few notes so if you forget you have something to reference. Good luck!

Kimberly Lynn said...

We used sign language with a song for last year's program. We did it in sacrament meeting and it turned out awesome! Good luck. Thanks for all your ideas.

The Bec-ster said...

Thank you for the sign link. We are using it for the chorus only and this gives something they can do during this part since they learned it first and we sing it so often in the song. The verses we used different visuals and pictures. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I have used sign language every year for the past five years for at least one song in the program. I love it! I served a signing mission and I have deaf in-laws. Guess what?…you do not need to mirror the signs because they can be signed either way with the right hand or left. My mother in law who is deaf is left handed and she signs mainly with her left hand. So don’t worry about which side your signs are on…just go for it! :)

Camille said...

Michelle, good to know! Thank you!