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Friday, December 23, 2011

Staying Organized, Part 1 - Singing Time Schedule

I thought I'd share how I keep myself organized in Primary. It's very simple but works for me, any substitutes, my pianist and those conducting Primary.

First up is my "Singing Time Schedule."

I create a monthly schedule that I keep for myself and give to those involved with Primary music on Sunday.

I save a template on Word entitled "Singing Time Schedule" that I can quickly change for the next month's schedule. Every month I post my monthly schedule with an editable document.  Find all my monthly Singing Time Schedules HERE.  Obviously, the schedule is all tentative and if I need to make changes, I do. I just make sure to give notice to those the change will involve.

For our opening songs, I like to pick songs that go along with that month's Primary theme.  I usually pick songs I've already chosen to be on our primary's CD I make every year as a Christmas gift (find all my CD posts HERE).

For our scripture song, our Primary is trying to learn/pass off the 13 Articles of Faith; Books in the Book of Mormon, Old Testament, New Testament, Scripture Power, and Latter-Day Prophets. I change this song monthly-ish ;).

For the birthday songs, I just go in order that they are listed in the Primary Songbook and change the song each month.

For the welcome song, I don't change it. We tend to not have many visitors so it really doesn't get sung that often.  If you are looking for suggestions, We Welcome You (the first half - see how I taught it HERE) and the Hello Song are my favorites!

Singing time is what I plan on teaching during my singing time. I like to map out my month this way. It helps me figure out how many Sundays I have to learn a new song with all its verses (some months there are 5 Sundays), if we have General or Stake Conference, holidays where I want to sing holiday songs, etc. Then I don't actually plan the details of my singing time until the week before.

I make sure to include page numbers so we can all quickly get to where we need to be.

I print and distribute a copy to me, our pianist and 3 Primary presidency members (5 copies total) the last Sunday of each month. So the last Sunday of the month, I'll pass out the next month's schedule.

Then I put my copy in the front cover of my "Singing Time Binder" that goes with me every Sunday.  Find that information HERE.  Find all my posts in my "Staying Organized" series HERE and find all of my Singing Time Schedules HERE including the most recent month.


jaleegirl said...

I'm excited to see more about your Singing Time Binder!!

Hangin with the Burke's said...

I too am excited to see your binder I just love all your ideas, thanks for making this calling so much more fun for me!

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing this! It is helping me to get organized as I learn my new calling!

Scott and Abby said...

Camille!! You are my new favorite person haha! Thanks for taking the time to post all of your ideas. I just recently got called as the music leader in my ward and am finding your stuff to be very helpful :) I'm sure it takes some extra time for you to upload everything, so THANK YOU!

terryandkori said...

Do you sing the scripture song after the opening prayer or before? Thanks.

Camille Hill said...

Hi terryandkori,

I sing the scripture song during the first few minutes of my singing time. But it would defintely work during opening exercises, I would think after the opening prayer (the opening song would come before the prayer). I hope that helps!


Chase&Danielle said...


I just got called as primary chorister about a month ago. We've had Mother's Day and stake conference this month so I haven't had an opportunity to really teach the song we are suppose to learn this month but I have just been feeling like "man I have no idea what I'm doing!" I'm a convert to the church when I was 16 so I skipped all my primary years! I'm pretty excited about my calling, especially since I found your getting organized section. Thank you for giving me and others this resource! I am feeling much more confident in what I will be doing!