Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here We Are Together

I'm not quite ready to introduce As a Child of God yet...I'm still in vacation mode and I'm assuming the kids will be too! So instead, I thought it would be a perfect week to sing Here We Are Together and introduce all those cute Sunbeams into Jr. Primary, all the graduating Jr. Primary kids into Sr. Primary, and introduce all the kids to their new teachers.

I'm going to pass out 1" x 3" white labels and markers to all the kids and teachers. They can then write their name on the label and wear their name tag (teachers will probably need to help a few of the younger kids).

I'll have 4 children at a time come to the front of the room.  They will tell the Primary their name and something unique about themselves.  Then we'll sing Here We Are Together using the 4 children’s names.  Switch out the 4 kids until everyone has had a turn up front.  Include teachers if time permits (with maybe a test at the end for anyone who thinks they can say/sing everyone's name - name tags removed of course!). I'm also going to bring my yellow dice I made HERE (optional) so we can sing it a few fun ways each time.

If I have extra time, I'll pull out my wiggle worm jar found HERE and get the Sunbeams familiar with all that it entails!

Happy New Year everyone!!


Candace said...

Thank you, Camille! You're amazing! May you never be released from this calling!! ;-)

Jennie said...

Wasn't quite ready to start our new song for January and was looking for a fun way to begin the year. This is perfect. Thanks for the idea.