Friday, November 18, 2011

Turkey Take Down

A previous chorister made these cute turkeys that tape onto balloons...
So not to let someone else's work go to waste, I am using them this week. They could easily be replicated. Here's how they look torn apart (there are 12 turkeys):  A fabulous someone drafted these turkeys and posted ones you can simply print HERE! Thank you!!

(notice the feet are weighted by pennies that are taped onto the bottom side to make them stand up)

In addition to the turkeys & balloons, you'll need a marker, masking tape, bean bags (or small, soft balls), Primary Children's CD & CD player (optional) and words to 12 songs on thanks (also optional), and a table, preferably a big one.

To set up on Sunday, I'm going to blow up 12 balloons, number them from 1 to 12 with a sharpie marker, tape the turkeys together and place them on a table in the back of the Primary room. I'm also going to make an aisle down the middle of the rows of chairs so there's room to toss bean bags.

I chose 12 songs on thanks. I specifically chose ones that we really don't know and never sing. I figure we'll sing along with the CD and have the words up front. I just want to familiarize the kids with some new songs (I don't really know these either!). I also chose songs that are on the first disc so I don't have to shuffle 5 CD's around! But you could really choose anything that you want. There are TONS listed in the back of the primary songbook under "Gratitude." You could also make a playlist on an iPod and bring speakers.

Here's my song list:
1. Thanks to Thee p. 6 Track #4
2. I Thank Thee, Dear Father p. 7 Track #5
3. Father We Thank Thee for the Night p. 8 Track #6
4. Can a Little Child Like Me? p. 9 Track #7
5. Thank Thee For Everything p. 10 Track #8
6. I'm Thankful to Be Me p. 11 Track #9
7. Children All Over The World p. 16 Track #13
8. A Song of Thanks p. 20 Track #16
9. Thanks to our Father p. 20 Track #17
10. For Health and Strength p. 21 Track #18
11. For Thy Bounteous Blessings p. 21 Track #19
12. Thank Thee, Father p. 24 Track #24

So to play, for Sr. Primary, I'll invite a child up to come throw a bean bag at the turkeys (they get 3 shots and if they miss, it will be another child's turn). When a turkey is knocked off the table, we'll sing the song that matches the number on the turkey with my list above. So if turkey #6 is knocked off, we'll sing song number 6 on my list which is I'm Thankful to Be Me. I'll post the words to that song and play it on the CD. Then we'll repeat until all the turkeys are knocked off.

For Jr. Primary (we have a really young Jr. Primary) I'll just play a song on the CD player and invite the teachers to sing with me while a child tries to knock down as many turkeys as they can before the song ends. After their turn we'll put all the turkeys back on the table for the next child and next song.

VARIATIONS: You could print and cut out 12 turkeys and tape them to the chalkboard. Number them 1 to 12 on the back and have bean bags tossed at them. If a turkey is hit, take it down and sing the corresponding song. Or, make one big turkey and tape it onto a round laundry basket...same idea. When a shot is made, you listen/sing the songs.

I think I'm going to take these into Nursery this week.  We'll just play the 12 songs on the CD and let the kids toss bean bags at the turkeys for a while.  I know my 2-year old little guy will LOVE it!

Hopefully this all makes sense! Questions? Leave a comment.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Bekah Shakespear said...

This will be perfect for my singing time this Sunday! Thanks so much for the fun idea. :)

homealonemom said...

What a fun idea! Thanks so much. :D

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for this idea. I was wondering what you meant when you said that the kids would have the words in front of them. thanks Wendy

Camille said...

Not sure if you are asking how I post words or not but I'll still tell you ;). I have a "Posting Words" tab up at the top of the page which tells how I post the words to most of the songs we sing - especially ones that we are unfamiliar with (as is the case with this activity). I hope that helps.


steph said...

Than you so much for this idea! The kids loved it!!