Thursday, May 26, 2011

January - May Review

I'm taking bits and pieces of all my past lesson plans and putting them into one. I figure I'd prefer not to re-create the wheel if I don't have to.

I'm bringing out my Review Dice found HERE but only using one. The pink one with the songs. There are 5 songs (January - May) and then I added Wiggle Worm songs to make 6 songs for 6 sides.

A Primary child will roll the die. As each song is rolled, here's what we'll do:

January song: If I Listen with My Heart: I'm going to do the head pitch leading thing with the roller coaster idea I mentioned last week found HERE. I have some PVC pipe and I'll have 3 kids come up and do the roller coaster ride while the kids sitting tell them to go up or down with their hands (with my help of course!) as the notes go up and down. One verse and the chorus per roll.

February song: I Will Follow God's Plan: I am using my "key word" pictures found HERE. Before Primary I'll hang all the pictures in order on the chalkboard. To play, I'll send a child into the hall. We'll remove a picture and have the child come back into the room. We'll sing the song and the child will have to guess which picture is missing. Pick different pictures to remove each time you sing it.

March song: Stand for the Right: I'm pulling out our hand bells and using my bell chart found HERE. When we sing all the"Be True" words, we ring the corresponding bell.

April song: Beautiful Savior: We learned sign language for this song so we'll just practice our signing. One verse and chorus per roll.

May song: Praise to the Man: I'm going to pull out a few instruments I used found HERE and make a small band up front (maybe 4 or 5 kids). The band will need to bang out the rhythm of the song as we sing it. For Sr. Primary I may have 2 kids do the rhythm while the other kids do the beat. One verse and chorus per roll.

Wiggle Worm songs: We'll sing a song picked from our jar found HERE.

My hope is that each child will get to do a few things a few times. To pick primary kids, I'll probably just go down the rows so it goes quickly. I want to keep it moving so we keep singing and reviewing!

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Ryan and Rachel said...

I just want to thank you for taking the time to post all of this information -- I really REALLY appreciate the help. I'm new to this calling and so far I am a total copycat, but I really appreciate the help you give me every Sunday!! Thank you!!!!