Thursday, February 10, 2011

Name that Primary Song about Love!!

Yes folks, it's that time again, time for my annual...

You can download my documents HERE.  I'd recommend printing the first page on white card stock and then printing the other pages in pink and/or red.    The big blank hearts are if you want to choose some of your own songs other than what I have suggested.  The small blank hearts are for decorating your chalkboard.  Cut out hearts then laminate everything.

You'll also need something to ring (like a handbell, desk bell, Taboo game buzzer, etc.).  I'd  love to get these from Amazon one day:

Instead I always just pull out our Primary's handbells (see more information on our primary's handbells HERE).

Here is the list of songs you'll want to give to your pianist:

Jesus Said Love Everyone p. 61
Reverence is Love p. 31
Love One Another p. 136
I'll Walk With You (3rd verse only) p. 140
I Love To See The Temple p. 95
We Are Different p. 263
Love is Spoken Here p. 190
Where Love Is p. 138
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus p. 78
Teacher, Do You Love Me? p. 178
Mother, I Love You p. 207
I Feel My Savior's Love p. 74
A Happy Family p. 198

I like to post the words for this activity as there are quite a few that are unfamiliar.  You can see how I post the words HERE.

Before Primary, hang up the sign and all the hearts (with the words facing out so they can be read) around the sign on the chalkboard, using tape or magnets.

For Senior Primary, divide into boys and girls (because to them, that's what this holiday is all about, right? :)  Have one member of each team come up front and stand facing each other on either side of a table and a bell in the middle.

The pianist will start playing the first song on her list.  The names of all the songs are posted on the board as hints.  The first one to guess the name of the song and ring the bell wins the round.  Sing the song (post the words if you like), and repeat with new team members and the next song on the list.  When you sing the song, the kids can listen for the word "love" in the song and either jump out of their seat, or hold up a heart stick or ring a bell.

For Junior Primary I do something very different. I like to just give everyone a handbell (no teams) and we sing the songs in order so no guessing the song's name.  Whenever we sing the word "LOVE" everyone just rings their bell (or you can have each of them hold up a heart stick).  I always over emphasize singing "LOVE" and the kids end up following me.

This activity has always been a huge HIT (pun intended ;).  A very fun way to celebrate the holiday while singing random, non-program songs that we otherwise would never sing.

You can hang the hearts so the words are hidden then someone comes and picks the song to be sung (make sure they don't look at the back). Take it over to the pianist and that's the song to be used for that round.

If you are unfamiliar with some of these songs, you can make a play-list on an iPod or CD and use that to help. You could even have the primary just listen to the iPod/CD to make their guess and then sing along with the CD when you go to sing the song.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


The Mecham Family said...

Stealing this. as usual ;)

carol said...

I'm stealing this too. Thanks!! I'm new to primary and still relatively new to the church as well, so any help I can get is much appreciated!!!

brookeaprilrain said...

OH MAN! I'M SO doing this one. I had another idea that I was going to go with, but this one... it's for Valentine's Day. It's perfect!

Thank you SOOOO MUCH!

Lempskies said...

Great idea- thanks.
I think I'll also include "Happy Family" (I love mother she loves me...) & have the kids dress like different family members w/ glasses for g'ma, tie for dad, etc.
Also "As I have loved you" and "As a child of God" (2nd verse) talk about love.

Shelley said...

My kids loved this! I'm thinking of doing a variation for another time.

Adrienne said...

I love the binder idea!

Kim said...

I am totally using this idea for this Sunday. I love it! However, instead of bells for the Jr. Primary. I am going to have them hold up hearts if they know the song. We have a lot of little ones in our Jr. Primary so I think this will be a tad more reverant. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I'm singing time challanged so I appreciate when people like you share your talents with people like me.

Jen said...

Love everything about this! Thanks for sharing!

shell said...

Thank you! This was so much fun!

The Mitchell's said...

I have just been called as a Primary councilor and you have saved my life. My first week I am in charge of the music and you have helped me so much. I am excited and look forward to it....thanks to you!!

Linda Boss said...

Thank you for sharing your ideas & talents! My primary will have so much fun with this. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Camille! I used this activity today and this is how it went. Feedback time!

I printed, laminated, and cut out the hearts. I also had the activity title page printed and laminated.

Junior Primary:
Hid the hearts under their chairs, had them find them and put them on the board around the sign. Used sticks to choose a kid to come up and pick the next song to sing. Both my pianist and sub pianist were sick (!!) so I used a CD, music and vocals. I handed out egg shakers and told them to shake when they sang "love". They had fun at first, but when it got down to the last four songs I saw a bunch of yawns and eyes glazed over. I had to stop and sing some wiggle songs with them. So, overall an OK performance. They definitely got bored and I was so embarrassed when I didn't know the words to one of the songs. Whoops! :)

Senior Primary:
When they came into the room they magically divided themselves into two groups, eight on one side, eight on the other. It was perfect for the game! I used a taboo buzzer and had a last minute sub play the songs. When we sang I had them pop up and down when they sang "love". Turned out much better than junior :)

Thank you, again!

Jennifer McDonald said...

This is a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing!

The Coopers said...

Seriously you are so generous and creative! Thankyou for sharing your talents with us! I'm totally using this!

The Coopers said...

Im just wondering how many of these songs you actually sung? There are quite a few my kids don't know on the list so I will include some other songs they know that have love in them. Just wondering how many songs they will go through and how many I will need. thanks so much!

Camille Hill said...

Hi The Coopers!

I probably got through a little more than half of the songs. I tried to keep things moving along quickly. I hope that helps!