Thursday, January 27, 2011

If I Listen With My Heart - 3rd Verse & Review

I was able to attend the Pat Graham workshop last Saturday (fabulous!) and am going to use one of her ideas...I only changed a few things for Jr. Primary because they cannot read.

She posted the following diagram on the board as she was "teaching us" this song. She had us help her fill in the part that says "3 key words here" with key words from the first verse of IILWMH for each phrase.
Hint: If you are unsure of the phrases, just follow the punctuation (2nd verse, not so much however)
She told us this is the pattern she found in the song. Phrase 1 and 2 and 4 have a very similar melody. Phrase 3 is a little different. If you sing it to yourself and follow the pattern above, it may make some sense.

Since I'm working on the 3rd verse this week, I'm going to have the Senior Primary help me fill in 3 key words for each phrase and then we'll sing that phrase and go on. If we have time, we'll review the first and second verses the same way. Maybe have the kids themselves come write them on the board - they love that!

Pat also suggested as you sing each phrase, you move your arm in the air to the pattern of the line (move it like a rainbow going across the sky). For the 3rd phrase you'd have 3 smaller movements to follow the pattern.

The circles above the 3rd phrase represent getting loud and softer. Pat suggested to start out singing phrase 3 quietly (small circle) then gradually get bigger (bigger circle). But she thought singing the last word (which is "peace" in all 3 verses) loudly didn't quite jive so instead, get quiet again. And have the kids watch you closely while you direct it.

Then she also suggested to try having the kids only breathe at the end of each phrase.
So that's all for Senior.

For Jr. I'm using the same pattern on the board only I'll omit the key words and use 4 objects to represent my key words for each verse. I'll have 4 kids (or maybe teachers) come up and hold the items up high as we sing each phrase:

Verse 3 objects: feel (a piece of fabric or anything that has great texture), comfort (blanket or comforter), speaks (I have a toy microphone), heart (I have a heart shaped beanbag but a cutout of a heart would do)

I also have my heart sticks that I've used all month (see previous post) and we'll use those to make our "rainbow" patterns in the air. We'll also work on trying to only breathe at the end of the phrase.

If we have time, I want to review the 1st and 2nd verses as well. Here are my objects for those verses:
Verse 1 objects: child (doll), walk (I'll have a child come hold his/her shoes), scriptures (I'll have a child come hold his/her scriptures), heart (heart shaped something).

Verse 2 objects: hear (2 big ears cut out so a child can hold them up to their ears), earth (a ball), prophet (picture of President Monson), heart (heart shaped something).

I don't know if this will make sense if you didn't actually see it done at the workshop but it really is a great visual. I feel like I know the song so much better with the melody pattern on the board. Leave a comment if you have questions.


Deb and Spence said...

For speaks you could use something like a walkie talkie. I used my baby monitor and the kids loved it.

The Mecham Family said...

Great ideas Camille! Thanks! Oh- Do you usually spend your whole singing time learning a verse? I'm struggling feeling like the kids are probably SOOO sick of singing this song, but they don't know the whole thing do you balance your teaching them new songs with singing old songs?

Camille said...

Thanks Deb for the baby monitor idea - Love it!

Brett and Vivienne Caudle said...

I personally think the word peace should be emphasize. Because that is what Christ brings. Just my opinion. :)

Shel said...

Love the baby monitor too! I was thinking a microphone...they always shave those in the library =) Thank you for this fun idea! Can work with any song for sure!

sillydays said...

A microphone would work.