Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Church of Jesus Christ Treasure Hunt

I made the documents I have pictured here several years ago WITHOUT saving a soft copy.  BUT I have made new ones that are a bit different.  I think you'll still like them!  They are below.

Download the document HERE.  I printed mine on card stock, cut them out and laminated.  Then I hand-wrote clues on the back of each as this activity is a treasure hunt (feel free to copy and paste these into a Word document then cut/tape onto the bubbles):

Clue #1 goes on the boy and girl and says: "This is how the neighborhood knows what church I belong to" (this clue won't be hidden - you have it in the Primary room when you begin the hunt).

Clue #2 goes behind the 1st phrase and says: "I see my reflection here and know I am a child of God" (tape outside on the building's name plate)

Clue #3 goes behind the 2nd phrase and says: "I can read all about Heavenly Father & Jesus in lots of books located here" (place in a bathroom mirror - our ward has a family bathroom that I'll use).

Clue #4 goes behind the 3rd phrase and says: "The prophet helps me gain a testimony" (place in the library with the librarian or tape to the door).

Clue #5 goes behind the 4th phrase and says: "Ward members (including me) can bear their testimonies here" (place behind a picture of President Monson in the Primary room).

Clue #6 goes behind the 5th phrase and says: "My Bishop has a strong testimony" (place on the podium in the chapel).

Clue #7 goes behind the 6th phrase and says: "Primary music helps strengthen my testimony & to do what is right" (place on the bishop's office door or with the Bishop).

Clue #8 goes behind the 7th phrase and says: "Light shines in this door each morning just like I should share my light each day" (place on the piano in the Primary room)

Clue #9 goes behind the 8th phrase and says: "Missionaries from our ward need strong testimonies while on their missions" (place on a door or window in the building that faces east)

Tape the last phrase near the ward missionary plaques in the foyer.

I'll have small groups of kids go to get each clue (while we wait for the groups to come back, we may review the previous program songs so we don't waste time or see if we can sing a wiggle song before the group gets back). When the groups returns, they will hang up the phrase around the boy and girl then we'll sing what's been hung up.

Next week I'll use the same pictures and just have the phrases out of order - they will have to put them in the right order and we'll sing it as we go.

UPDATE:  I just bought a Janice Kapp Perry arrangement of this song HERE.  It's a CD that comes with a PDF Songbook.  I thought I'd look it over and give it a try.  It came recommended from a few choristers on the FB Choristers Group page.

Find an updated post for teaching this lesson plan HERE.  Find my lesson plan for teaching the 2nd verse of this song HERE.


PowellPlace said...

What a great idea! I love this! I am excited to teach this to our Primary.

Cathy said...

This is such a GREAT idea!! Could you possibly send me the files you have created to print off? thanks so much!

Kelli said...

planning for next month...this is PERFECT! you are my favorite, Camille.

Chelsea said...

definitely using this tomorrow. Active, engaging, perfect!

Chelsea said...

definitely using this tomorrow. Active, engaging, perfect!

Kara said...

This is perfect, thanks so much!

Jennifer Olive said...

Thank you so much! I used this today and it was such a wonderful experience that brought the Spirit.