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Monday, July 16, 2018

Pioneer Trek Singo

We will be playing Singo this Sunday (it's a do-the-work-once-and-then-it's-easy kind of activity!)  It's a fun, low-key game that involves lots of singing, movement and is SUPER easy.  Did I mention it's also fun?  If you want more ideas for celebrating Pioneer Day, check out all of my Pioneer Day singing time lesson plans HERE.

I have to give credit to the talented artist, Susan Fitch, who let me share her artwork for free!  If you want to purchase her pioneer clip art for other activities, you can find them in her Etsy shop HERE.  If you want to go the extra mile, make sure to thank Susan Fitch over on her website or Etsy shop for sharing her talents with all of us!!  She does SO much to make us look good in primary!

I created 30 individual singo sheets.  You can download sheets 1 - 10 HERE, 11 - 20 HERE and 21 - 30 HERE.  These are large files (for better printing) so if you are having trouble, you can download each individual sheet HERE.  Print what you need for your primary.  {In Google Drive viewer, before you download them, the singo sheets appear to have blank spaces.  But if you download them first, then print, they seem to be downloading fine.  If you are finding that's not the case, please let me know!}  

I printed mine on white card stock and placed in sheet protectors (in fact, I printed mine on the backside of Christmas Singo sheets - the link to those is below).  I prefer sheet protectors for these over laminating because it's cheaper AND I put 25 brown squares of construction paper as my markers in each pocket.  If you don't want to cut that many squares, I'd recommend bringing in M&M's and the kids can eat them after you are finished playing!

Download the calling cards HERE.

I printed mine on white card stock, cut out, laminated and placed in a small bag.

Now to play, there are several variations...

1.  Hand a sheet to each child and everyone competes against each other.  I'd recommend this variation for Senior Primary ONLY.  Have them turn around and place their sheet on their chair and they kneel on the floor.  Then, when it's time to sing, everyone turns around and stands up.  It provides some great movement.

2.  Give each class a sheet and everyone can gather around their teacher and play against classes.  This is great for larger primaries and young kids.  Again, everyone can turn around to face the front when you sing.

3.  Print off one or two Singo sheets as large poster sizes at Costco OR I "tiled" 2 of the Singo sheets so each will print on 6 pages.  You can then piece them together on the chalkboard.  Download sheet 1 HERE and sheet 2 HERE.  Use more magnets as your markers (or use the calling cards to cover matches) and have the primary just fill in the singo chart if only using one chart.  Kids can come up and draw a calling card out of the bag.  If you print off two, the primary can compete against the teachers or boys, vs. girls, etc.  Note that if you only use 1 or 2 sheets, there may be calling cards that you will not be using so make sure to remove them!

No matter your variation, how you play is the same: pull out a calling card and everyone who has that same item on their Singo sheet covers it with their marker (note that not all items are on each sheet).  If a song is pulled - sing it!  I'd recommend posting words to all the songs (see how I do that HERE) and even playing it on CD so the kids can sing along.  The middle is a "FREE SPACE" and everyone gets to cover that one when you begin.

When someone reaches 5 in a row, they call out "SINGO!" and you can figure out some sort of reward...I prefer a high five!  Ha!  But you can bring silly hats {or pioneer hats wound be super fun!} for their teacher to wear, a treat, stickers, etc.  Any other pioneer-related reward ideas??  They can then go for blackout.  If you use M&M's as your markers, they can eat them once their sheet is full.

They are a great annual activity to pull out at Pioneer Day every year!  Also great for a sub during the summer months!!

Check out my other singo singing time lesson plans:

Christmas Singo HERE

Primary Program Singo HERE

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Family Band

Since this month's theme is all about the family and we pretty much KNOW Families Can Be Together Forever by heart, I thought it would be fun to have the kids become more familiar with the other songs in the Children's Songbook that are all about families but that we RARELY sing!  That said, this review activity would work with any song(s).

I'm going to pass out "family band members" I created...

The illustrations are from Susan Fitch HERE.  This idea comes from A Children's Songbook Companion (find details on that book HERE):

Download my Family Band images HERE.  I printed (enough for each child to have one) on card stock, cut out and laminated for durability (optional).  To cut out the hole for the pencil, I simply used a single hole punch - it fits perfectly!

Place an unsharpened pencil through the hole {I finally have a use for all those pencils my kids bring home from school!!}.

Pass out a pencil to each child.  We will be able to do multiple activities and patterns with the pencils as we sing/listen to the songs:
  • Tap the beat of the song on the back of the chair in front them (for children in the front row, place a chair in front of them to tap on).
  • Tap the rhythm of the song on the back of the chair in front of them.
  • Pitch lead (as the music go up or down, so does the pencil).
  • Teach the children to lead 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 depending on the song.
  • Create physical movement for the children to make on rests or on certain phrases in the song.
  • Raise pencils when a word from the song talks about a member of the family (mom, dad, sister, brother, etc.)
Like I always do with songs that are unfamiliar to the kids, I always post the words.  Find details HERE.

Then I also like to bring in the songs on CD and play them on the CD player (your phone with a speaker would work well too).  This way I'm not singing a solo and we all have reinforcement from the recordings.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Betty Spaghetti & More by Susan Fitch

I just HAD to share this fun review activity created by Susan Fitch.  These items were requested by a chorister and Susan is so great to share her talents with us!

It's just in time for all that primary program reviewing we're heading into!  Here's her description of how to use them:


Betty Spaghetti and Spaghetti Yeti have holes in their mouth (you cut the holes out after printing) pile yarn on a plate to look like a bunch of spaghetti. As the kids sing better you can pull the yarn faster or slower to encourage the singing and help feed Betty or Yeti their dinner. 

Bubble Gum Bill has a hole in his mouth that you can stick a pink balloon through. When a helper behind the poster blows into the balloon it will look like a big bubble of bubble gum. The better the kids sing, the bigger the bubble gets! Can they blow it so big it pops?! 

Booger Baby is admittedly a little irreverent and really gross. But he'll definitely get the attention of your young audience. Along the same lines as Betty and Yeti, you will feed yarn through the poster. But Booger Baby's hole is in his nose! The better the kids sing, the more snot he blows out - or sucks in. Either way, it's bound to be a memorable singing time. 

Each image is 11x14, but can be printed larger.


You can purchase these digital posters over at her Etsy shop HERE.  Then print them at your favorite printer (my preference is Costco).  I've also got more interactive posters HERE including Elder Phant and Krusty the Clown.

If you are unfamiliar with Susan Fitch's work, check out her website HERE.  It's a FABULOUS resource - one that I use all the time!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Families Can Be Together Forever

This song is SO familiar, teaching it to the primary will be more like a review.  So I'm planning on reviewing with simple stick figure families using the good-old chalkboard...

and chalk...

You can also check more lesson plan ideas that utilize the chalkboard HERE.

We'll sing through the song and I'll have teachers each watch for a good singer from their class.  Good singers will then come up and draw their family on the chalkboard as we sing a verse from the song.  When we have finished the verse, teachers will choose new kids to come up front and draw as we sing the next verse, repeating until all the kids (and teachers, time permitting) have come up and drawn their family on the chalkboard.

You can also ask directive listening questions if you want to add a simple discussion about the message of the song:


  • How long can families be together? [forever]
  • Families can be together because of whose plan? [Heavenly Father's]
  • Who do I always want to be with? [my own family]

Verse One:

  • I have a family here on earth.  How do they treat me? [they are so good to me]
  • What do I want to share with them through all eternity? [my life]

Verse Two:

  • When will I prepare most carefully? [while I am in my early years]
  • Why will I prepare most carefully? [so I can marry i God's temple for eternity]

Bear testimony that if we prepare, marry in the temple, and keep all the commandments, we will have this great blessing of being together as a family through all eternity.

Check out my other lesson plan HERE that I taught before having groups of kids draw pictures of each phrase.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


I'm always trying to add to my list of Wiggle songs which also can be used as Nursery songs!  To use this in nursery, I created these paper plate faces (enough for each child):

Find the image of the face HERE from the Behold Your Little Ones nursery manual.  Print image, cut out and glue to a paper plate.

When you sing it in nursery, simply have the kids hold the face so it's frowning, then have them turn it upside down when prompted by the song.

For primary, you can also use the paper plates but another fun idea is to have the kids pair up and stand back-to-back with arms linked.  One child faces the front with a frowny face as you sing then when prompted, the children rotate so the child who was facing backwards faces the front with a smiley face.  Repeat so both children can do each part.

Check out details of my Wiggle Worm Jar HERE

And see how I do music in Nursery HERE

Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Country

To celebrate the 4th of July, I'm going to teach My Country.  

You can also check out all of my 4th of July ideas HERE (which include ideas for teaching My Flag, My Flag or reviewing any songs, using glow sticks or primary fireworks!  Loads of fun!).

I thought teaching My Country would be great using flags and the simple images found in A Children's Songbook Companion (find details on that book HERE).  It's a quick song and would be really easy to pair with the song My Flag, My Flag.  Find my lesson plan HERE.

Download my colored images HERE or my black and white images HERE.  Print on card stock, cut out and laminate.  Then you'll need the wordstrips HERE printed and cut out.

Before primary, hang an image and a wordstrip on the left wall, the right wall and the back wall using masking tape.

Pass a flag to each child like these from Amazon (also found pretty much anywhere this time of year):

If you don't have flags, scarves work well too:

To introduce the song, have the kids listen to the song on CD or you and the teachers sing with the piano (post words like I do HERE).  Have the kids look around the room for visuals that coincide with what you are singing.  See if they can figure out what each image is [desert, mountains, iceberg] and where each wordstrip is sung in the song.

Pass out a flag or scarf to each child.  Ask them to follow along with you as you do simple actions with your flag.

1st verse:
my country: stand (and stay standing)
pride: place your hand that's holding the flag over your heart
desert: using the flag, turn to point to the desert image (so if it's on the back wall, turn to the back wall)
mountains: point to the mountain image
land iceberg bound: point to the iceberg image
It's here my home and loved ones are found: move flags up and down across your body as if marching in a parade with a flag, then sit on the word "found"

2nd verse:
my country: sit stand (and stay standing)
I do: point to self using the flag
mighty/noble/true: point to the word strips placed randomly around the room
love: place your hand that's holding the flag over your heart
Long may it be a land where my people are honest and free: wave flags back and forth over head

Download these actions HERE.

Finish by telling the kids that wherever they live is the best place to live because it's where your home and family are found.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Scripture Stories Coloring Book - Pearl of Great Price

Does your primary implement a reward system for memorizing the Articles of Faith?  I saw a suggestion to give the Scripture Stories Coloring Book - Pearl of Great Price found HERE (to download) or HERE (to purchase online - you may need to login in order for this link to work) as a reward.  I thought that was a wonderful idea!  It's simple, inexpensive, meaningful and allows for all food allergies ;).

Page 20 - 32 are all activity pages relating to the 13 Articles of Faith!

I'm going to suggest our primary add the coloring book to what we're already doing.  We track memorization using these fun little punch cards found HERE.

Then we hand out a candy bar with a cute wrapper.  Details can be found HERE.