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**Many readers are having problems obtaining my older documents for free that I've uploaded to Scribd. Please do not pay to obtain any of my information. If you contact me using the "Contact Me" tab above, I will switch any Scribd document you need over to Google Docs as soon as possible. You will, however, need to be logged in to a personal Google/Gmail account in order to access my documents uploaded to Google Docs**

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Song Hospital

I found this great idea from the Chorister's FB group HERE.  I loved it as an overall way to review for our upcoming primary program for the next few weeks.  I slightly changed a few things (as I seem to always do) so here's my take on it...

You can download all the documents to create your own HERE **Sorry, page 8 is a duplicate so don't print it!** (the "Song Hospital" label is from HERE - no need to re-create someone else's work when it's already great!).

I printed on white card stock for durability and cut everything out (there are 2 blank "envelopes" in case you have different/more songs than I do - sorry that I can't create editable documents).  I then hot glued all the heads on popsicle sticks and everything else to the red poster board.

I made the white pockets by simply bringing in the corners a bit on each flap and put a dallop of hot glue.  The top pocket is just a blank sheet of card stock so I could hold all the sticks and is made the same way (I did reinforce the edges with packaging tape because it holds quite a bit).

To use the Song Hospital poster, we'll simply be trying to get all the songs "healthy" by program time, which is scheduled in the middle October for us.  I'll start them all as sick and slowly work on each song to get the healthy.  As a reward for getting all the songs healthy, I'm thinking of handing out Otterpops afterward in primary - kind of like how they give you a popsicle at the hospital when you are sick to help you feel better :).  And we'll probably be playing Primary Music Memory found HERE if you are wanting to plan ahead!

To break of the monotony of just singing each song to make sure they are "healthy" I may bring out some various "medical" props each week...

Singing spray medicine (water mixed with either food coloring or a little bit of Kool-Aid powder and put into a spray bottle).  More to come!

Some singing time prescription pills (skittles).  More to come!

Use my kids' plastic medical toy kit somehow...more to come...ideas are definitely welcome here!  Here's an idea I found online:
  1. When I hold up the Otoscope (I'm actually just using a little flashlight), they were to open their ears and listen to the words and message of the song.  This is where we will fix any tricky wording spots in the songs.  This will probably be our main focus as it's the second verses in a couple songs that we are still struggling with. - use with all the 2nd verses on songs.
  2. Once we've repaired the words, we will move on to the Tongue depressor.  When I hold it up, that is their cue to open their mouths and throat nice and wide to project as much volume and clarity as possible.
  3. When I hold up the Stethoscope, that means I want them to feel the song in their hearts.  How does it make them feel?  How does the song make the Dr. feel?
I'd LOVE any more "medical" props you can think of as I think I've got 5 weeks to use this!  Comment with any ideas!

Should be fun!  I'll just keep the poster in the closet so I don't have to tote it to church each week.  I do have Jr. and Sr. split so to keep track of who, I think I'll just take a quick picture of it each week so I can re-create it the following week.  Or I could do one on each side of the poster but that might be too ambitious!

In years past, I've done a few similar review activities in case you are interested:

Ribbon Review Box:

What Shape Are Our Songs In:

Primary Program Report Card:

You can find them all HERE along with other helpful tips for your program.  If you have any more, please comment!

Good luck with your program!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

My Shameless Pitch!

I hate to post non-singing time related items on this website but I'm just going to do it anyway!  You are all my virtual friends and won't judge me too harshly when I put myself "out there" right now...

I've been working on another blog for a few months now that is fairly similar to this one only it has nothing to do with singing time - okay, so not really similar I suppose, except for the author!  It deals with everything else in my life that I create or do for whatever reason (all usually done because I have kids).  It's random things like invitations I create, cub scouts (yes, I'm now a Den Mother too in addition to this calling), PTA, etc.  Anyway, take a look around and if you are interested, you can follow by email or by Pinterest over there.

I'd love some feedback on it or ideas on more content you'd like to see.  I know that all my websites look rudimentary so forgive me.  I'm just a beginner blogger not willing to shell out thousands of dollars for the look of my site - at least not yet!  Maybe one day when my husband has been able to quit his day job because my websites now generate enough money to support our family...haha!  Right now they only earn enough to sustain themselves and are a fun little outlet for me to share my creative side!

You can find it here:


Friday, August 28, 2015

September 2015 Singing Time Schedule

See how I use my singing time schedule HERE and download an editable and printable version of the below information HERE.

For September we'll be reviewing our program songs for our upcoming program in October!  If you are interested in some Program Helps, I have several posts HERE that you can look through!

Singing Time Schedule
September 2015

September 6th
Opening song:  Keep the Commandments p. 146
Scripture song:  The Eleventh Article of Faith p. 130
Birthday song:  Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Singing Time: *Review program songs
Activity:  I saw on the Choristers FB group a poster board review idea called "The Song Hospital" posted by Cheri that I'll be using for the weeks leading up to our program.  Here's her information:

"SONG HOSPITAL - All our program songs have gotten suddenly extremely "sick"! They had to go to the song hospital and they need strong singing medicine to get better! (Here's my review for the next few weeks)"
Thanks Cheri!  More to come!

September 13th
Opening song: A Child’s Prayer p. 12
Scripture song: The Eleventh Article of Faith p. 130
Birthday song:   Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song: We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time: *Review program songs
Activity:  Use the song hospital to review with more activties - more to come!

September 20th:
Opening song: We Bow Our Heads p. 25
Scripture song: The Eleventh Article of Faith p. 130
Birthday song:   Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song: We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time: *Review program songs
Activity:  Use the song hospital to review with more activties - more to come!

September 27th:
Opening song: Seek the Lord Early p. 108
Scripture song: The Eleventh Article of Faith p. 130
Birthday song:   Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song: We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time: *Review program songs
Activity:  Use the song hospital to review with more activties - more to come!

*Program Songs: I Know That My Savior Loves Me - outline, He Sent His Son p. 34, Follow the Prophet p. 110, The Church of Jesus Christ p. 77, Faith p. 96, The Holy Ghost p. 105, Come Follow Me -   Hymn 116, Tell Me the Stories of Jesus p. 57

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stump the Primary & Nursery Bag Singing Time

When I need a simple singing time lesson to hand over to a substitute (like this week!), I usually reach for this activity for Senior primary.  You can find details HERE.  It's simple to implement and really requires no prep!  And besides that, it's our last week before we delve into program songs for the next SEVERAL weeks so we need a break!

Then for Junior primary (Senior primary also loves these - FYI!), I have my substitute go over all the songs in my nursery bag (details found HERE)!  Those kiddos love to reminisce about their good old nursery days when I pull the nursery bag out!
If I don't have quite enough props for all the kids, I'll rotate and we'll sing each song through twice.

Do you also find it difficult to find a substitute for this calling?  Sheesh!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back-To-School Review

Well, summer has ended for us and we are all back to school (kind of a bummer, if I'm being honest!)...nonetheless time to pull out the good ol' Back-To-School review activity! You can find my old posts from years back HERE and HERE if you want a little different spins on the activity.

And if you'd rather take a break from reviewing program songs, you can celebrate the primary's upcoming birthday!  I've got a fun singing time activity that I did last year found HERE which was a lot of fun!
Okay, so here's how the Back-To-School review activity will run this year:

Gather the following items: backpack, eraser, glue, markers, ruler, calculator, pencil, scissors, sharpener.

Tape the following instructions (download the printable HERE & cut out the 8 strips) on all the items except the backpack (that's just for holding everything):

ERASER: “Erase" (don’t sing) the words “follow” and “prophet” in the song Follow the Prophet.

GLUE: Glue your legs together and your arms to your sides so you hold really still while we sing Come Follow Me.

MARKERS: Only sing He Sent His Son when you are wearing the same color as the marker that is held up.

RULER: Measure the volume as we sing Tell Me the Stories of Jesus.  Point to 1 inch for softer up to 12 inches for louder.

CALCULATOR: Count how many times we sing the words “faith” in the song Faith.

PENCIL: Write with your hands (sign language) to the song The Holy Ghost.

SCISSORS: "Cut" the song The Church of Jesus Christ by singing it staccato (choppy).

SHARPENER: Sharpen the song by enunciating each word for I Know That My Savior Loves Me.

Before primary, hide the 8 objects around the room, placing the empty back pack up front.

Tell the kids you need help getting ready for school and need to find your school supplies.  Have the primary help you find the hidden items.  As they are found, follow the instructions taped on each item then place them into the backpack.

**If you have more time, throw in more school supplies with other songs!  This would even be great for an easy 5th Sunday singing time if you happen to get the full time!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus - BELLS

Since we have 5 weeks in August I thought I'd take a week and review Tell Me the Stories of Jesus using the handbells.  We will also be using them in our sacrament meeting program when we perform this song.

See how I use handbells in primary HERE.

The bells will be playing the chords instead of the melody or descant/obbligato.  So 3 bells (to create a chord) will play at a time.  If you look at the chart, each row is played simultaneously.  I've noted the word (or partial word) that is sung when that particular chord is to be played for each verse.  I'd say the only really tricky part is on page 4, the 2nd and 3rd notes.  there are 2 chords for the one-syllable words there so watch that.

You can download my bell chart HERE.

Now, I am prone to the occasional mistake so if you find any (I will be completely mortified) please let me know!!  Or if you have any questions.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus, 2nd & 3rd Verses

I will be continuing on teaching the 2nd and 3rd verses this week.  See how I taught the 1st verse HERE.

For Senior, I'll be making copies of the song from the songbook, passing them out and we'll be learning the alto line.  Stop to define words, notes, etc.  I'll pass out colored pencils and have the kids mark the alto line and any other musical notations I'd like to mention.  You can find more ideas for musical notations to go over HERE if you need.

For Junior, I will be using the "Repeat Parakeet" method (which would also work for Senior and any song you'd like to review!).  Download and print the below documents HERE and asssemble the bird on a brown paper bag as instructed.

I'm considering constructing one for each child - still considering.  We'll see how my week turns out.  But at the very minimum, make one :).  If you had more time, the kids could construct their own, coloring it and everything!

To use them I'll just explain how a parakeet repeats what it hears then have the paraket "say" something as an example.  I'll have the kids minic me.  If they have their own puppet, they will have their puppet repeat what I say.  If not, they will just say it.

You can also post lots of the pictures of Christ you used to teach the 1st verse or any other pictures of Christ that fit appropriately.

We'll go through the 2nd and 3rd verses of our song, line by line, gradually adding on