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Friday, July 18, 2014

Pioneer Day with Chimes!!

You can easily use this singing time with the KidsPlay Handbells if you don't have chimes!  I also have a list of all my Pioneer Day singing time activities HERE.

Also, don't feel like you can't celebrate the pioneers because you don't live in Utah!  The pioneers are part of our entire church's heritage and it's worth celebrating wherever you live.

A few months ago, I purchased a set of chimes (find my post HERE for details) that I've been hankering to pull out.  I had the thought that they would be super appropriate for Pioneer Day!  Kind of old-fashioned, homemade instruments that pioneers may have used to create music! ;)

I purchased them without tags so I am in the process of labeling them.  I wanted my own tag so they would match all my handbell charts...

You can print my Tag document HERE.  I simply printed the document on card stock, laminated it and cut the circles out.  Then I punched holes, cut small slits (see below), put them on the strings and taped the slits shut...

For the activity, I'd love to pull out some pioneer clothing but I don't own any - maybe I'll try hitting up some more neighbors (they are SO good to me!).  I'd love to dress up my bell choir.  You can make your own paper bag pioneer clothing if you like - find information on those HERE.

There are several pioneer pictures in the Gospel Art Book [GAB] found HERE that I'll post on the chalkboard:

I'll quickly discuss how pioneers and their children did lots of singing.  Music brought joy into their lives that would otherwise be very monotonous and dull.  Just like pioneers, we can also bring joy into our own lives through music!

Then I'll pass out the chimes and we'll ring and sing Little Pioneer Children and To Be a Pioneer.  See how I like to use handbells in primary HERE.  The handbell charts are for the optional descants.  Find my note chart for Little Pioneer Children HERE and then To Be a Pioneer HERE.

Below are the JPEG versions in case you prefer that format...

Like always, if you find mistakes - let me know ASAP!  How embarrassing!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Baptism, 2nd & 3rd Verses

You can find my lesson plan for the 1st verse HERE.  I will quickly review the first verse by simply flipping through the 5 "answer" pictures/keywords.

Then for the 2nd verse,  I made a "Why" t-shirt out of my "Who" t-shirt.  I didn't even need more blue tape, just moved the "O" pieces around...
(I don't post many pictures of myself...a little intimidating, ha!)

I'll be wearing it during singing time this Sunday.  I figure if I make everyone else dress all goofy, I can do it too once in a while ;).

Then I'll have my blue wands again:
(find out where I purchased mine HERE)

And I'm going to use the "Wand Position Cards" posted over on OCD Primary Blog HERE.

For Senior Primary, I will have the words to the 2nd and 3rd verses written on the chalkboard with chalk.  I'll put on the "Why" t-shirt and inform the kids that the 2nd and 3rd verse of our song talks all about WHY we get baptized.  We'll sing the verses together and have the kids find the 4 answers:

1.  To fulfill the law
2.  To enter with my Father In the kingdom up on high.
3. Witness faith in Jesus' word,
4. Be baptized to show obedience, As was Jesus Christ, our Lord.

I'll then pass out the wands.  I'll flip through the "Wand Position Cards" similar to how I did it with the regular Position Cards I made a few weeks ago HERE.

After each time we sing it, I'll call a few kids up (enough so everyone will get a turn) to erase maybe 2 words each.  Hopefully we'll repeat the song enough that all the words will eventually be erased.

Now, Junior will run a little differently seeing that the majority of them cannot read.  Again, I'll review the 1st verse with the 5 answer sheets.  Then put on my t-shirt and ask the kids to listen for why we get baptized as the teachers and I sing the both verses.  I may repeat that several times to hopefully get all the answers.

Then I'll pass out the ribbon wands and assign each phrase a "Wand Position Card."  We'll sing each phrase using one action.  I'll hang that card on the chalkboard and then add on - similar to what OCD Primary has suggested, just without words.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baptism, 1st Verse

I'm replicating the idea found in the 2014 Sharing Time Outline found HERE

"Prepare the following wordstrips: Who, When, How, and Where [I added What (and Why for the 2nd verse)]. Display a picture of Jesus Christ being baptized. Put the “Who” wordstrip next to the picture. Ask the children to listen for whom Jesus came to as you sing the first phrase of the song. Take responses, and then have the children sing that phrase with you. Do the same with each of the wordstrips and phrases. Sing the entire first verse together. Give a wordstrip with one of the answers you have found to each child (John the Baptist, long ago, by immersion, and River Jordan [I added baptized). Have the children stand when their words are sung. Let them exchange wordstrips and repeat the activity."

But I'll be changing up the medium just for fun...instead of using simple wordstrips, I'm using white, size Large, men's t-shirts (if you don't want to use real white t-shirts, I've created a document below with paper ones you can print off instead).

"Write" 6 question words across the chest of each shirt: Who, When, How, Where, What and Why. I used blue painters tape because it comes off easily.   This way my hubby can just use the shirts - not a total waste! Vinyl would work very well too but this is what I had to work with.

Here's what one looks like on my cute little model ;)...

UPDATE: I ended up purchasing a 5-pack of t-shirts from Wal-Mart (I'll just reuse one next week for "WHY")...

In addition to wordstrips for the answers as is suggested, I'm using 2 Gospel Art Book [GAB] pictures, and a map of Judea & the River Jordan...

GAB Picture #35, John Baptizing Jesus (you can download and print it HERE):
(Jesus came to John the Baptist)

Map of Judea & River Jordan: 
(In Judea) & (in the river Jordan's flow)

(long ago) obviously ;)

GAB Picture #104, Girl Being Baptized (you can download and print it HERE):
(and was baptized)

(by immersion)

Optional t-shirts for printing (make sure to cut them out):

(this is for the 2nd verse so save it for next week!)

You can find my document that contains the paper t-shirts, along with all the answers (with the exception of the GAB pictures) HERE.  Print off any or all of the pages you need.  You'll also need twine for a clothesline, clothespins, the song on CD with a CD player, and blue ribbon wands:
(find details on where I purchased them HERE)

Before Primary, hang all the t-shirts and answer papers, using clothespins, on a makeshift clothesline in the front of the Primary room.  Make sure they are all out of order.

For the attention getter, pass out the wands and play the song on the CD player.  Have the kids move to the movement of the song.  Have them try to figure out what the song sounds like or how it moves [like a river or moving water].  Then have just the piano play it again, having the kids move their wands like a river.  Ask the kids why this song would sound like a river [because it's all about Christ getting baptized in a river].  Optional: the kids can use the wands for movement when they sing each line of the song throughout the lesson.

Pick a child to come forward.  Place the "who" t-shirt on them.  Play the song on CD again and have them listen for "who" the song is about [Jesus came to John the Baptist].  Another child can move the picture of Jesus being baptized so it is first on the clothesline. Briefly describe what is going on in the picture.  Sing that phrase using the piano.

Pick a new child to come forward.  Place the "where" t-shirt on them.  Play the song on CD again and have them listen to "where" [in Judea] - also, [in the river Jordan's flow] which is the last line of the song!  Another child can move the picture of the map so it is second on the clothesline.  Briefly describe the locations on the map.  Sing those 2 phrases in the song.

Pick another child to come forward.  Place the "when" t-shirt on them.  Play the song on CD again and have them listen to "when" [long ago].  Another child can move the wordstrip "long ago" so it is third on the clothesline.  Briefly talk about how long ago it was {I'll have to research this a bit more!}.  Sing the song through to this point.

Pick a fourth child to come forward.  Place the "what" t-shirt on them.  Play the song on CD again and have them listen to "what" [was baptized].  Another child can move the picture of the child being baptized so it is fourth on the clothesline.  Briefly discuss that it was important for Christ to be baptized, as is the same for us but don't go into too much detail as to why - save that for the 2nd verse!  Sing the song through to this point.

Pick a last child to come forward.  Place the "how" t-shirt on them.  Play the song on CD again and have them listen to "how" [by immersion].  Move the wordstrip of the definition of immersion so it is last on the clothesline.  Read the definition and talk about being immersed.  Sing the whole song through including the last phrase [in the river Jordan's flow] that was already discussed.

The kids will probably notice the extra t-shirt [Why].  The 2nd verse talks all about why we are baptized so they'll just have to stay tuned!

My thought process behind using white t-shirts is they help resemble how clean and pure we are after we are baptized.  Very symbolic when the child puts a shirt on.  Also, after t-shirts are worn and used, they become dirty and not as clean and white as they used to be so we must wash them.  Just like we must repent when we make mistakes to make ourselves clean and pure again.  I'll explain this concept at the end of my lesson and bear testimony of the importance of baptism.


If you want to simplify this lesson, definitely use the paper t-shirts and place everything on the chalkboard using magnets.  For the attention getter, omit using wands and just have the kids wave their hands.

Instead of using a clothesline, pull each shirt out of a laundry basket with the answers hung randomly on the chalkboard (I may end up doing this instead).

Find my lesson plan for teaching the 2nd and 3rd verses HERE.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

July 2014 Singing Time Schedule

Singing Time Schedule
July 2014

July 6th:
Reverence song:  The Golden Plates p. 86
Scripture song:  The Books in the Book of Mormon p. 119
Birthday song:  You’ve Had a Birthday p. 285
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  Baptism p. 100
Activity: Teach 1st verse using material suggested in 2014 outline HERE but instead of using word strips, use real white t-shirts the kids can wear.  More to come.

July 13th:
Reverence song:  The Church of Jesus Christ p. 77
Scriptur e song:  The Books in the Book of Mormon p. 119
Birthday song:  You’ve Had a Birthday p. 285
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  Baptism p. 100
Activity:  Teach 2nd verse again using t-shirts.  More to come

July 20th:
Reverence song:  The Handcart Song p. 220
Scripture song:   The Books in the Book of Mormon p. 119
Birthday song:  You’ve Had a Birthday p. 285
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  Little Pioneer Children p. 216, To Be a Pioneer p. 218
Activity:  Celebrate Pioneer Day using handbells on decant to songs.  Find bell chart to the 1st song HERE.  I'll post the 2nd song as the date gets closer.

You can find a list of all my Pioneer Day lesson plans HERE.  I know Pioneer Day is a Utah holiday, but don't feel like you can't celebrate the pioneers because you don't live in Utah!  The pioneers are part of our entire church's heritage and it's worth celebrating wherever you live.
July 27th:
Reverence song:  The Holy Ghost p. 105
Scripture song:  The Books in the Book of Mormon p. 119
Birthday song:  You’ve Had a Birthday p. 285
Welcome song:  We Welcome You p. 256
Singing Time: He Sent His Son p. 34, I Will Follow God’s Plan p. 164, I Stand All Amazed, Hymn 193, The Family is of God, 2014 outline, Keep the Commandments p. 146, Family History – I am Doing It p. 94, Baptism p. 100
Activity:  Review Game TBD.  You can find a list of all my review games HERE.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Primary Flashcards

Since it's the middle of the year AND a 5th Sunday, I thought a mid-year review game using flashcards would be fun (because those kiddos are seriously missing school and all that learning, right?)! 
These flashcards are great if you do or do not have the whole time.  I actually DO NOT (our new presidency has banned me from getting the whole time on the 5th Sundays - a total bummer) so I will try to just get through what I can.  I may finish this activity at the end of July and add some July cards...maybe.  Here's what each month's flashcards look like:
It's really simple.  Print my flashcard document HERE.  I printed mine on a fun yellow but not mandatory ;).  Cut them in half and shuffle the cards. 

For Senior, divide the primary into 2 teams.  If you have a large primary, divide into more.  Each team will have a bell to ring (I just use 2 of my handbells but any bells will do) placed in front of the room.  Draw the first card and face it to the team.  The first team to ring their bell with the correct answer wins that card.  If the answer is incorrect, the next team to ring the bell gets to answer and possibly win, etc.

For Junior, there will be no teams and no bells.  I'll give as many hints as possible and we'll try to solve the card together.

Here's the activity you do with each card:

Monthly Theme Cards:  Fill in the correct missing words (I plan on keeping my 2014 outline handy as all the answers are easily found there!).

Monthly Song Cards:  They are the Mad Gab/Mumbles game that has been all over the FB Chorister's group. HERE's the link to the search I did to come up with my titles in case you have different songs and need to make your own (if you scroll down a bit, there's a link with almost all the songs in the songbook).  The kids will have to figure out which song it is.  When it's been guessed, sing the song.

Monthly Scripture Cards:  For Senior Primary, it is a scripture hunt.  The kids have to find the scripture passage in the scriptures and read it (you may need to get a few sets of scriptures from the library).  For Junior Primary, I'll just pick a child to help read the scripture (again, the 2014 outline will help here as well).

If you are short on time, I'd omit all the Monthly Scripture Cards.  If you are even shorter on time, omit the Monthly Theme Cards as well!

Here's a quick view of all the cards if you are interested:

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Staying Organized, Part 5

Since I have no lesson plan to prepare this week, I thought I'd pass along some information about the type of equipment & supplies I always keep on hand in order to prepare my weekly lessons.  You can assume the obvious - computer, printer, paper, Internet, etc.  But I get the occasional question about what other types of items I use that have really helped make my calling a lot simpler!

First up is my Xyron EZlaminator:
The hubby bought this for me a few years ago for Christmas (you can find it on Amazon HERE).  It's not really laminating as there's no heat, but a machine that applies contact paper.  I like it as I can laminate really long items, but honestly, I don't love it (shh...please don't tell him!).  What I mostly don't like about it is that I can't get anything to permanently adhere to the plastic (like magnets, popsicle sticks, etc.).  I've used all types of glue (hot, tacky, etc.) and all types of tape (duct, packaging, etc.) and everything peels right off.  Suggestions?  What I really want to buy is this:

It can be found on Amazon HERE.  I just can't justify purchasing another machine so what I have will suffice for now!

I use lots of card stock that I buy from Wal-Mart.  I always keep the plain white and multi-colored packs on hand.

I also use lots of sheet protectors.  I bought a big package from Costco (found HERE) and it has lasted me FOREVER!  I reuse them all the time.

I also have my eye on the new Cricut Explore...it's on the Christmas list ;).  Let's see if Santa delivers this year!

As far as reimbursement goes, I don't ever turn in receipts for things I buy that I will be keeping.  If I purchase treats for the kiddos (which I really only do occasionally) or something I will be giving them (CD's, for instance), then I get reimbursed for it.  I want to keep the things I make (I can't tell you how many times I have used my singing time visuals for Family Home Evening!) and if I got reimbursed for it all, I'd feel like it should stay with the primary.  And each chorister has their own style so stuff I make may be of no use to the next person in the calling.

So I ask you, what items have you found really useful for this calling?  Leave a comment with any suggestions!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dad Puzzle

{You can scroll through all of my Father's Day posts HERE.}

For Father's Day this year, our primary will be singing in Sacrament Meeting.  I chose He Sent His Son (because January's song is totally appropriate - who is the best Father ever?), and Daddy's Homecoming.

We'll be reviewing these 2 songs for singing time (I've said it a lot, that there are only a few times when it's convenient having Sacrament Meeting last - singing in Sacrament Meeting being one of them!).  I'll simply have the kids stand and sing He Sent His Son once.  We know it pretty well.  Then we'll move on to my "Dad Puzzle" and sing Daddy's Homecoming.  Now, if you are wanting to sing other Father's Day songs, this will work with one song or multiple ones.  Details on that are at the bottom of this post.

A few years back, I made my dad puzzle:

However, I didn't save any of my work, digitally.  Lucky for you, I created a NEW dad puzzle for you!  Find him HERE. **DISCLAIMER: I haven't printed the new guy - so if you have problems, PLEASE let me know!!

Simply print the pages on card stock and cut around each of the main features on the page (see the example of how I did mine above).  Omit all the extra stuff.  For instance, on the picture below, don't cut out any of his green shirt but cut down below his neckline.  You will want to cut around the hair, separating it from the head, so it can be it's own piece.

On the below image, only cut out the left side of his green shirt:

Now cut out the other side of the green shirt.

Now only his arm and hands, omitting the green shirt and pants.

And his other arm and hands, omitting again, the green shirt and pants.

Here, cut around all the belt/pant area.  You'll need to cut around the thumbs.

The legs may be too long on this sheet so match it up with the page above to know exactly where the legs meet.  Then cut off the feet as they are their own pieces.

Once all cut out, laminate your pieces and place magnet strips (using either hot glue or just the sticky magnets) on the back like this:

If you want to see how I use this for singing Daddy's Homecoming, find details HERE.

If you want to sing another song, just divide your song into 10 phrases or sections, tape the phrases on the back and have the pieces put together in order and you sing the various phrases as they are added to the chalkboard.

If you want to sing multiple Father's Day songs, just put a different song name on the back of each piece and sing that song when the piece is hung on the chalkboard.  Here are few songs appropriate for Father's Day found in the Children's Songbook:

A Happy Family (#198)
Daddy's Homecoming (#210)
Fathers (#209)
Home (#192)
Love Is Spoken Here (#190)
My Dad (#211)
Quickly I'll Obey (#197)
Teach Me to Walk in the Light (#177)
The Dearest Names (#208)
When We're Helping (#198)

If your kids don't know some of these songs, I'd recommend posting the words like I do HERE

Happy Father's Day!  Next week I'm off to Stake Conference - Wahoo!!  But maybe I'll surprise everyone with some posts anyway.  We'll see how ambitious I get ;).