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**Many readers are having problems obtaining my older documents for free that I've uploaded to Scribd. Please do not pay to obtain any of my information. If you contact me using the "Contact Me" tab above, I will switch any Scribd document you need over to Google Docs as soon as possible. You will, however, need to be logged in to a personal Google/Gmail account in order to access my documents uploaded to Google Docs**

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Church of Jesus Christ - 2nd Verse!

If you won't be teaching the 2nd verse, I'd highly suggest using this Sunday to review all our 2015 program songs.  What I had scheduled this Sunday was to use Susan Fitch's Singing Time Spinning Wheel found HERE to review (you do have to purchase it, but it is very versatile) but I'll just postpone it until next month.

Or you can scholl through all of my review activities HERE.

To teach the 2nd verse of this song, you will need to first get the music!  I purchased the CD called Beloved Double Melodies of Janice Kapp Perry and it included a PDF version of the music to print.  Find more details HERE.  It's not church-approved but I have received authorization from my bishop to use it so I'm super excited.

Then here's how I plan on teaching it, using my materials from last week (also found in that link right above):

Since I have the CD, I will have the kids listen to the song and tell me if they've ever heard the 2nd verse to this song [probably not].  Then we'll repeat and I'll ask them if the 2nd verse sounds like the 1st verse [No].  Then we'll listen again and I'll ask what is special about the 2nd verse [even though it's different, it can be sung at the same time as the 1st verse and it sounds GOOD together!]

After listening to it 3 times and they get a good feel for it, I'll put all my visuals back on the chalkboard including the words to the first verse:

I won't be covering anything up.  I could omit the pictures but the little kids enjoy them.  Then I'll play the song on CD again and have the kids sing along with the first verse.  For the 2nd verse, I'm going to pass out everyone's choosing stick:
(you can just use a plain popsicle stick (or any stick for that matter!) if you don't have these or see how I made mine HERE) and we'll pitch lead for the 2nd verse and try to sing along.

Don't know what pitch leading is?  It's simple!  As the notes go up, you move your stick up (I like to hold the stick sideways) and as the notes go down, you move the stick down.  The kids really love it and it's a great way to incorporate movement into your lesson.  In fact, you could pitch lead to review all of this year's program songs if you wanted!  Let all the kids decorate a "Leading Stick" to take home :).  Okay, sorry for the tangent...

THEN When the CD sings the song together, we will try to figure out which words/phrases of the 2nd verse are sung at the same time as the first verse/phrases (this may be only a Senior primary thing - we'll see).  I'll write those 2nd verse words on the chalkboard next to the phrase that they match.  Clear as mud?  For example, when the first verse sings, "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!"  the 2nd verse will be singing, "This is the church of Jesus Christ." Then we'll add on each of the phrases until we get all the phrases lined up and hopefully listened/sung along enough times that it becomes more familiar.

Time permitting, we'll divide the primary in half and try to sing it with the piano.  Once learned, it would be fun to pull out my "Who Sings Now" necklaces found HERE!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Church of Jesus Christ

I'm finally ready to begin teaching The Church of Jesus Christ.  I'm going to be using my lesson plan and visuals from several years ago found HERE which is a simple treasure hunt.

In addition to this lesson plan, I will be including the following:

Before primary, hide all the treasure hunt items as indicated in the link above.  Also, hang on the chalkboard the "My Testimony" page, along with all the flip chart pictures from Susan Fitch found HERE around it.  I cut out the green circles (omitting all the words) and laminated them.

As an attention getter, this year's 2015 Sharing Time Outline has some great suggestions under "Helps for the music leader" on page 9 (found HERE along with other simple teaching tips!).  I will use the first bullet point to introduce the song:

  • "Ask the children to stand if they belong to a family. Repeat for other groups they might belong to, such as a team, a club, and a church. Let the children explain what belonging means (that you are an important part of something). Introduce the song by showing a picture of Jesus Christ and having the children read together Doctrine and Covenants 115:4."
Then to introduce each phrase of the song (as is also suggested in the outline) I will incorporate the treasure hunt.  Once each clue/phrase is found throughout the building (or primary room if that works better for your primary), the clue will be placed over the picture it corresponds to.  So the first clue/phrase "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ," will be placed over the first picture of all the kids standing outside the church building (see the first picture posted above).  Then we'll sing that line and hum to the end of the song.  We'll repeat, adding additional phrases as they are found and humming to the end of the song, gradually singing the entire song.

You can find my quick reference guide HERE so you know where to place everything and the simple activity.

Next week I'm considering teaching the 2nd verse to this song (NOT FOUND IN THE SONGBOOK so it will need to be approved by your bishop and it's not really a 2nd verse but more like the song A Child's Prayer where the 2nd verse is a totally different melody that can be sung at the same time as the first verse).

Anyway, in January, I purchased Janice Kapp Perry's Beloved Double Melodies CD (find it HERE) which contains the song The Church of Jesus Christ.  Her website was still running a Christmas promotion so I jumped on the deal.  Included with the CD is a PDF songbook.  Then I just saw on the FB group (thanks Sherri for sharing!!) a way to get an even better deal for this:

"We are in the process of getting our entire music catalog converted to pdf and also redoing our website so songs can be downloaded individually, but we're not quite there yet. For the moment here is how we can work it for you to get the piece:

• please go HERE on our website and place an order for the songbook by the same title

• if you only want the one song, then immediately after ordering the book please
email me at to tell me which song you want

• your card isn't charged at the time of the order, I have to process the order manually,
so if you'll send that email immediately I will then change your order before
processing and will just charge for the one song. The cost is $2.95 for the song,
which allows you to make 2 copies for a conductor and chorister. If you wish to make
more than 2 copies please tell me how many, the fee is $1 for the license and 50¢
per copy.

• after processing the order I will return your receipt and the pdf file via email, and if you
need additional copies the stickers will be sent by mail

Hopefully by later this summer we'll have our website converted and can do this much more easily. If you know of others who need this, would you please send them this email also. Thanks. It's critical they email me if they only want the song, otherwise they'll get charged for the book.
John Perry
Prime Recordings"

Find my lesson plan for teaching the 2nd verse HERE.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Article of Faith Reward

Our primary has been working on having all the kids learn their Articles of Faith.  See how I teach them HERE using these prompts:

We track each child's progress using these cute punch cards found HERE.

Then when a child completes their punch card, we hand out a certificate and giant chocolate candy bar!  They LOVE it!  I just printed the certiciates and candy wrappers HERE.

It's been a really fun and simple way to motivate the primary kids to learn their Articles of Faith!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter or The Church of Jesus Christ

I'm still playing catch up due to General Conference and will be doing Easter this week!  Find my lesson plan HERE if you are in my same boat :).

Next week I'll start on April's program song, The Church of Jesus Christ.

I taught this song 5 years ago (how has it been that long ago?) fact, it was one of my very first posts on this blog (I've improved my picture-taking skills a little bit since then - ha)!  I wanted to share these pictures on the Primusic Yahoo Groups (The FB group wasn't created then) but I don't think that forum facilitated it at the time (at least I didn't know how to do it!) so I created this little blog and the fun just started growing from there!

Anyway, you can find my lesson plan HERE:

I'm wishing Susan Fitch's artwork/flipchart found HERE was around when I created these as it would be fun to insert her pictures.  I'm thinking of cutting around the circle on each of her pages and adding them to the backside of my bubbles so I can use the one side for the words and the other side for pictures...great for adding and removing words as we learn them...and for the non-reading Junior primary!

If you'll be working on this song for 2 weeks, I have suggestions on my link above for using these items more than once!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

April 2015 Singing Time Schedule

You can download an editable version of the below schedule HERE if you like.  See how I use my schedule HERE.

Singing Time Schedule
April 2015


April 12th:
Opening song:  I Know That My Savior Loves Me outline
Scripture song:  The Sixth Article of Faith p. 126
Birthday song:  Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time: I’ll Walk With You p. 140, To Think About Jesus p. 71, Stand for the Right p. 159, Help Me, Dear Father p. 99, Quickly I’ll Obey p. 197, I Pray In Faith p. 14, He Died That We Might Live Again p. 65, Hosanna p. 66
Activity: Find my Easter singing time activity HERE**.  We are singing I Know That My Savior Loves Me (which is why I've chosen it as our opening song) and Hosanna using the handbells (find that lesson plan HERE) in Sacrament this Sunday for Easter.  I'll do the Hosanna with the bells after we finish the Easter activity, which I may move along quickly and not sing all the suggested songs.

**If you've already celebrated Easter, I'd consider starting on The Church of Jesus Christ with my activity I have below.  Included in that post are 2 variations of the lesson plan that could be used for 2 weeks.

April 19th:
Opening song:  The Golden Plates p. 86
Scripture song:  The Sixth Article of Faith p. 126
Birthday song:  Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  The Church of Jesus Christ p. 77
Activity: Find my lesson plan HERE.

April 26th:
Opening song:  The Sacred Grove p. 87
Scripture song:  The Sixth Article of Faith p. 126
Birthday song:  Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  I Know That My Savior Loves Me outline, He Sent His Son p. 34, Follow the Prophet p. 110, The Church of Jesus Christ p. 77
Activity: Review activity. Considering using Susan Fitch's spinning wheel found HERE (you can get to her Etsy shop by using her link over on the right side of her website. You can get 20% off the kit if you purchase it before the end March.  See more information HERE.).  Maybe with a twist - use an office chair that spins...we'll see so stay tuned!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

General Conference and/or Easter Themed Singing Time

It's that time of year for General Conference!  Wahoo!  A week off of teaching and church in my jammies!  This Sunday I'll be doing my General Conference themed singing time.  It's the same lesson plan that I did last year!  Find it HERE.

In case you would rather do an Easter themed singing time this week, I have mine posted HERE.  I'll be using this the week after General Conference/Easter weekend as it jives better with our primary as we'll be singing in Sacrament Meeting for our Easter program that day.

I'll have my April Singing Time Schedule posted this weekend so watch for that!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Follow the Prophet - Memory or Charades

We'll be playing Memory this week to review Follow the Prophet (if you are interested in playing Charades - scroll way down to the bottom of this post for those details!).  I used Susan Fitch's artwork found on her Etsy shop HERE to make these:

Usually I would add a "download HERE" tab but I don't want to infringe on Susan's work so here's how I made them:

Using Word, change the layout to landscape and insert a prophet image and his scenery on one page.  Adjust the images so they are about the same size.  If you want to get these as big as possible, adjust your margins.  Then I typed each prophet's name and then a description below each picture just to help with clarification when we play (the font I used is "Harrington" and if you look closely at my picture above, you'll notice my mistake - woops!).

Print (I'd suggest white card stock) and trim around each image.  I then mounted them on yellow card stock that I printed this:

Download that document HERE if you like.  Cut them down the middle line and glue to the backside of the pictures.  I then placed these in half-sized sheet protectors but laminating will work great too.

Use them like you would Memory, giving each child an opportunity to find a match.  I will probably only be putting 3 prophets and their matches up at a time (6 total cards - just like in my example pictured above) to speed up the matching.  We'll sing each verse when that match is made.

If you have a large primary, I'd suggest playing by classes and letting each class have a turn (they can decide together which cards to have you flip over).

If you don't want to purchase the pictures (and I totally get that), there were several versions shared on the Chorister's FB group HERE (you may have to be a member to view it).

Then I had the thought to print all of the prophet cutouts to be held up when a match is made, but I think my printer needs a rest for a bit :) and it may be overkill.  I've linked those HERE if you are interested.  Find Sister Graham's originals HERE.

Too much printing?  Play Charades with each prophet.  Call up a few kids to come act out a prophet and have the rest of the primary guess.  Once guessed, sing the verse!

Next Sunday will be a General Conference review that I do every year found HERE.  I've also posted my Easter lesson plan that I'll be using the Sunday after Easter - find it HERE.