Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Primary Music Memory

This annual grab-n-go singing time activity is so low-key (after you've done the initial work) that you'll want to pull it out every year after the program is over.  It's so fun to sing random songs that we don't sing very often.  Find it HERE.

You can check out the rest of my October lesson plans HERE and also check out my after-the-program lesson plans HERE which include a Singing Missionary singing time activity which will be perfect to use in November as it coincides with November's theme "I Can Choose to Be a Missionary Now"

Feel free to comment with your favorite singing time lesson plans to do after the program is over (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Program Day in Primary

This Sunday is our program - yay, it's FINALLY here!  For singing time right after the program, I'm planning on a low-key singing time activity.  Nothing quite like singing time for all 3 hours (am I right?)!! So after we've reviewed our comment cards (find those HERE), we'll be playing Stump the Primary in Sr. primary HERE (it's one of my primary's favorites!) and pulling out my Wiggle Worm Jar in Jr. primary HERE.

You can check out what I have planned for the rest of the month HERE which includes Primary Music Memory and a fun Halloween singing time using the song Hinges.

I also have more after-the-program lesson plan ideas HERE.  Then November is Thanksgiving/fall (find lesson plan ideas HERE) and December is Christmas (find those lesson plan ideas HERE).

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Program Review Helps

Our primary will be putting the final touches on our program this Sunday in the chapel.  I have a few helps that I like to use to stay organized and to keep the kids somewhat engaged.  You can find all of that information HERE which includes my big "Guy Smiley" pictured here:

For all of the primaries with their programs coming up, good luck!  If you are finished - lucky you!!  Make sure to check out what I have planned after our program and for the rest of October HERE, including a fun Halloween singing time usiing the song Hinges.

If you like to get a head start on the holidays, you can find all of my Thanksgiving/fall singing time ideas HERE and my Christmas HERE.  I personally like to reserve November for Thanksgiving and December for Christmas.

Now is my FAVORITE time of year - the pressure of the program is off and you are free to sing and teach any of the songs in the songbook that you don't get to sing!

Friday, September 22, 2017

October 2017 Singing Time Schedule

See how I use my singing time schedule HERE!  Then download an editable and printable version of the below information HERE.

If you have already completed your primary program, you can check out all of my "After the Program" singing time lesson plans HERE.

Singing Time Schedule
October 2017


October 8th:
Opening song:  I Am a Child of God p. 2
Scripture song:  The Eleventh Article of Faith p. 130
Birthday song:  Have a Very Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  Program practice in chapel
Activity: Find my program practice helps HERE

October 15th:
Opening song:  A Young Man Prepared p. 166
Scripture song:  The Eleventh Article of Faith p. 130
Birthday song:  Have a Very Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  Child’s Choices / Wiggle Worm Jar (time permitting)
Activity:  After the program, our primary will be eating a primary treat (a thank you from the primary presidency), reviewing our comment cards (find them HERE), viewing a church video and, time permitting, playing Stump the Primary in Sr. (find it HERE) and our Wiggle Worm Jar in Jr. (find it HERE)

October 22nd:
Opening song:  Love Is Spoken Here p. 190 
Scripture song:  The Eleventh Article of Faith p. 130
Birthday song:  Have a Very Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  Families Can Be Together Forever p. 188; Give Said the Little Stream p. 236, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes p. 275, The Church of Jesus Christ p. 77, I Hope They Call Me on a Mission p. 169, I Love to See the Temple p. 95, Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime p. p. 245, Once There Was a Snowman p. 249, Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus p. 36, Teach Me To Walk in the Light p. 177, Tell Me the Stories of Jesus p. 57, The Books in the Book of Mormon p. 118, The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden p. 237, The Wise Man and the Foolish Man p. 281 We'll Bring the World His Truth  p. 172
Activity: Primary Music Memory HERE

October 29th:
Opening song:  The Priesthood is Restored p. 89
Scripture song:  The Eleventh Article of Faith p. 130
Birthday song:  Have a Very Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  Hinges p. 277
Activity: Find my activity HERE

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Primary Program - 2017 Invitation

Primaries can send these invites home with their kids to let families know when the program will be (and maybe even a few extras to invite grandparents and any other family/friends that would want to come).  I thought it would even be nice to attach the kids' program parts to the invitation (either put everything in an envelope - Walmart carries some cute colored "social" size envelopes - or just use a paper clip).

There are 2 options...a quarter sheet page and a half sheet page so you can print what fits your  needs...

You can download these documents HERE.  I like to keep my designs for these kinds of items simple - a black and white line drawing - so it can be easily copied at the church library.  And if you'll notice, it's the exact same look as the CD cover I created HERE and the program.

Then before you make copies, fill in the sheets with your ward's primary program information.  Copy, cut and distribute!  Easy - just the way I like it!!

Primary Program - 2017 Program

Here are a few variations of primary programs I've created for this year's primary program...

Our ward will be using this as our program this year:

I'm going to have an original copy available at primary over the next few weeks for all the kids to sign their names on that back page (this way I can make sure I get all the kids to sign it).  If space is limited it can trickle on to the front but I'd like to have it stay on the back (just my weird OCD-ness coming out I suppose).  I can't take credit for the idea - an older ward member handed me a program from one of his grandkids' programs to show me this idea and they had a program signed by all the primary!  So thank you to whoever came up with this!!

I do have our ward name and the date printed right under the picture of the family but it's blank here - sorry I cannot create editable documents in my program I use to create these.  You can just leave it blank if you like.  But if you want to do a LITERAL cut and paste, I used the Cambria font, size 25 and put it on 2 lines and centered it in that bottom space below the picture.  Cut out your typed up document of your ward's name and date and tape it in place.  When you make copies, you'll never know it's 2 papers taped together!

However, if you'd like to have the kids color every program (it really is fun and we've had members in the congregation return programs to their creators in the past!), I have these options:

The first one is a coloring page with a spot to sign their name...

The 2nd is a blank page for them to draw themselves choosing the right...
(I'd recommend this for Senior and the older Junior kids).

When you have the kids color these, DO NOT USE CRAYONS if you will be running them through the printer again.  The wax jams the machine.  Use colored pencils.  OR what I would suggest if you use these is to see if you can get the programs completely printed (inside and all) before the kids get to color them.  That way you can use crayon and they can get crinkled with no problem :).  It would just take some serious coordinating with whoever does your programs.

Then to insert into our programs, I like to put these comment cards:

I have baskets placed at the back of both doors and members can place the filled out documents there as they leave the meeting.  I have asked the Bishopric to announce how to use these when they turn the time over to the primary as well.  Then in Primary right after the program,  we read the comments to the primary.  It really is fun to hear what the congregation had to say!

You can access all these documents HERE.  Print off what you need/want as you most likely won't be using them all :).

If you have other ideas that you use for your physical program during the primary presentation, please leave comments!!  I'd love to hear what everyone does.

Find my other program helps HERE.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gumball Machine Review

To add a little variety to my "Chews" the Right Review activity found HERE, I thought it would be fun to bring in an actual gumball machine and do a few activities with it (we'll still be adding gumball stickers to the gumball images).  I purchased my gumball machine here:

(click on the image above - affiliate link)

Also extra gumballs here:

(click on the image above - affiliate link)

If you want to omit the gumball machine and just have a bag or bowl with the gumballs so the kids can choose, that would also work.

"Chews" the song, original idea found HERE.  Each color represents a song.  Choose the best singer to put a coin in the gumball machine to see which song we sang next.  Find my printable HERE.

"Chews" how we sing, original idea found HERE.  Choose the best singer to put a coin in the gumball machine to see how to sing the chosen song. Download my printable HERE.

Another idea is to pick teachers (or kids - depending on ability) to come up front and see how many bubbles they can blow as the primary sings the song.

I will let my primary kids take home a gumball after church is over.  If you are worried about the little kids choking on gum, simply substitute it for something else.

For more ideas, search "gumballs" in the Chorier's Facebook Group!  Or if you have more gumball ideas to share, let me know!  I'll be doing these for the last 2 weeks in September.