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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cleomadison.com - NEW Fall Line!

Cleomadison.com has become one of my favorite suppliers of dresses that are PERFECT for teaching singing time!!  Check out their other dresses that I've tried out HERE and HERE.  Not only are their dresses modest and perfect for all the movement required for singing time, but they are the type that you don't mind wearing for the entire day!  They are SO comfy!  I've ordered clothing from other online boutiques only to receive my item in the mail over a month later and then discover it's made from cheap fabric.  Ugh!  Not these dresses!  Everything I've tried out has been made from high quality fabric and not to mention the shipping is SUPER fast!!

(I'm no model and my husband is no photographer - ha!)

Cleo Madison sent me the Josephine Medi Dress HERE to try out and I love it!  I'm wearing a large (I usually wear 8-10).  Their line is increasing (YAY!) and they have a whole bunch of new selections for fall!

So if you've been meaning to update your wardrobe this season, check out cleomadison.com, you won't be disappointed!

*I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Children All Over the World - Digital Posters!

This week I'll be pulling out an oldie but goodie!  Children All Over the World using my "costume" posters.  You can find my lesson plan found HERE.

You are in luck because I took all my posters and digitized them!!  Now you can send them to Costco or to your local printer instead of hand drawing them if you like!  They print as 20x30 size photos or posters.  If you print at Costco, you will need the JPEG files HERE.  If you print with other printers, they, may want the PDF files HERE.  If you want to go the less expensive route, feel free to copy my images by hand too.

But either route you take, I HIGHLY recommend having them laminated (it isn't cheap, however).  I used mine for a few years before laminating and they were wearing out so I finally did it and am really happy I did!

This lesson plan is a lot of work initially, I won't lie!  But you do the work once and you can pull it out every year around Thanksgiving time!  The kids love it so totally worth the effort!

Make sure to scroll through all of my fall/Thanksgiving lesson plans HERE for more ideas!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

JOY Now their King He shall be known by Blake Gillette WINNERS!

I have some winners who will be the lucky recipients of Blake Gillettte's new Christmas music book, JOY Now their King He shall be known and the picture book, Searching for Christmas by Holly Ann Gardner!!

I first want to thank everyone for entering, and to Blake Gillette for sponsoring this fun little giveaway!

Okay, so the winner of JOY Now their King He shall be known is:

Congratulations Andrea!!

And the winner of Searching for Christmas is:

Congratulations Amy!

I'll be reaching out to both of you via email today.

You can always buy both of these books online.  I've got details of where to buy these on the giveaway HERE in case you need that again.

Monday, November 5, 2018

NOW CLOSED! - JOY Now their King He shall be known by Blake Gillette GIVEAWAY!!

This giveaway has closed, thank you for entering!  Winners will be announced soon!

If you have heard and LOVE the song I Will Be What I Believe by Blake Gillette, then you will LOVE this!!   Blake's new Christmas music book, Joy Now their King He shall be known is now available!

It's got some fantastic arrangements of songs we know and love, along with some brand new ones.  The first song, Joy is a mashup of the Children's Songbook version of Away in a Manger and the hymn, Jesus Once of Humble Birth.  It's beautiful - perfect for a children's choir and an adult choir singing each of the parts.

You can check out the song on YouTube here:

If you are interested, the music from Joy is also found in a children's Christmas picture book entitled, Searching for Christmas by Holly Ann GardnerAs you read the pages, you are prompted to stop and listen to the songs (they are on CD in the back of the book).  This could make for a very fun Christmas singing time as the storyline is Christ-centered.

EXPIRED: I have a songbook and a picture book to giveaway, all courtesy of Blake!!  One winner will receive the songbook and the other will receive the picture book!  If you would like to enter this giveaway, just comment below with your name, email address and your favorite Christmas song (just for fun!).  The contest will run until Wednesday, November 7th when the winner will be announced!

If you are not selected as the giveaway winner, you can purchase Joy Now their King He shall be known on Amazon here:

They are also for sale at select Costcos in Arizona, Utah and Idaho if they haven't already sold out.

You can also purchase Searching for Christmas by Holly Ann Gardner on Amazon HERE.

Good luck!!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

It's Autumntime & Autumn Day - Bells

I've created bell charts that play the bottom hand of the piano accompaniment of the songs It's Autumntime & Autumn Day in the Children's Songbook:

Download my bell charts for It's Autumntime HERE.  

Download my charts for Autumn Day HERE.  I like to print mine on card stock and place in sheet protectors.

I have a lesson plan HERE that teaches these songs using some fun and simple paper leaf cutouts (without handbells) but I thought this year I'd add to it by bringing in the handbells.

If you need more information on using handbells in primary, check out my post HERE.  If you don't have a set, I would HIGHLY recommend getting one for your primary!  They absolutely LOVE the bells - especially with Christmas coming up!!

Also make sure to also scroll through all of my fall/Thanksgiving lesson plans HERE for more ideas this month.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Nativity Song with NEW Susan Fitch Artwork

I'm SO excited to share this!  Susan Fitch has created beautiful illustrations for The Nativity Song!  You can now purchase her artwork over at her Etsy shop HERE.

Find my lesson plan HERE for using them.  So many have been having trouble with the old visuals I have posted that I recently reached out to Susan Fitch to see if she could help!!  She always goes above and beyond with her artwork and is always so gracious to take on my projects!

With that said, I hope Susan doesn't mind me sharing a little personal information...

Her 13 year old has cerebral palsy and hearing loss and needs both of her hearing aids replaced (she accidentally pulled the wiring out and broke them while trying to replace the batteries by herself).  They are $3,200.00 EACH and insurance doesn't cover them as they are considered 'cosmetic.' 

How about we band together and help Susan Fitch cover some of these costs?!  She does SO much for us!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Come with Me to Primary

I love singing rounds with the kids and Come With Me to Primary is another fun round!    If you have a visitor, you could have the visitor stand in the middle of the primary and have all the kids stand to face them, making a circle around them.

Make sure to post the words like I do HERE.

Assign a group "leader" (I recommend an adult leader).  You help bring each group leader come in when it's their turn to sing.  Before you break off into groups, sing the song together as a whole.  Then add one group at a time, challenging the kids to see if they can go up to 4 groups!  See if they are up to the challenge!