Thursday, March 23, 2017

April 2017 Singing Time Schedule

See how I use my singing time schedule HERE!  Then download an editable and printable version of the below information HERE.

April is a "Song of your choice about Jesus Christ from the Children's Songbook" month.  I've chosen to teach When He Comes Again.  If you are having a hard time deciding, I'll have a post up soon to show you how I decide on my "your choice" songs.

Singing Time Schedule
April 2017


April 9th:
Opening song:  I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus p. 78
Scripture song:  The Fifth Article of Faith p. 125
Birthday song:  Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  When He Comes Again p. 82
Activity:  Have the older kids draw pictures to phrases I assign them and have them teach their phrase to the rest of the group.  Similar to this activity HERE but on regular sheets of paper that can hang on the chalkboard around a picture of The Second Coming of Christ.  For the younger kids, I will have coloring pages with various phrases on them and they can come up and share their phrase and then we sing it.  As the kids are drawing/coloring, I will play the song on CD.  More to come!

When He Comes Again is the song we will be singing for sacrament meeting for Easter (I usually try to have our April song be our musical number as well).  If I had more time, I would also add Hosanna using the bells found HERE.

Opening song:  Jesus Said Love Everyone p. 61
Scripture song:  The Fifth Article of Faith p. 125
Birthday song:  Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  Easter Hosanna p. 33, Before I Take the Sacrament p. 73, He Sent His Son p. 34, Did Jesus Really Live Again? p. 64
Activity: I am going to try and combine with sharing time using the "One Step Closer to Easter" activity I have posted HERE from The Friend.  More to come!

You can also check out all of my Easter lesson plans HERE.

April 23rd:
Opening song:  Choose the Right Way p. 160
Scripture song:  The Fifth Article of Faith p. 125
Birthday song:  Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  When He Comes Again p. 82
Activity: Continue learning this song using the lesson plan from 2 weeks prior.  More to come!

April 30th:
Opening song:  Help Us, O God, to Understand p. 73
Scripture song:  The Fifth Article of Faith p. 125
Birthday song:  Happy, Happy Birthday p. 284
Welcome song:  We Welcome you p. 256
Singing Time:  As a Child of God, outline; Choose the Right, Hymn #239, Stand for the Right/Dare to Do Right Medley, When He Comes Again p. 82
Activity: A review activity of some sort, thinking of doing a more secular Easter themed review activity using plastic Easter eggs - I'll glady take suggestions!  I have a list HERE I may pull from if nothing materializes.  More to come!

General Conference Singing Time

It's the week before General Conference (get excited for a week off of teaching!!) so I always like to take a break from learning/reviewing program songs and theme singing time around General Conference.  Check out what I like to do this time of year HERE.

It includes General Conference Singo, The Living Prophets Song and Latter-Day Prophets.  Do 1 or all 3!

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

I'm dusting off another annual activity for St. Patrick's Day...A Treasure Hunt!  It's a hit no matter how many times I do it.  I've done small variations over the years for variety so if you've tweaked something to change it up, I'd love to hear!

You can find my original treasure hunt activity HERE.  The only documents that need switching out are the Envelope Tags that contain the 2017 songs. Those can be found HERE.  Everything else is reusable (I LOVE it!) . Well, I suppose the chocolate isn't either ;).  For this year's variation, I will be introducing our April 2017 song (When He Comes Again) that I will have them listen to on CD and they can sing along if they like.

I've written a post on the wands I use HERE in case you need help with that portion of the activity.

Also what I've included into this singing time is while we wait for a class who is out hunting, the rest of the primary sings a wiggle song from my Wiggle Worm.  Find my Wiggle Worm jar HERE.

If hunting around the church building isn't feesable (your primary is too big/young, the ward building too full, etc.), I'd suggest a simplified version I did one year HERE.  It's all the singing activities found in the treasure hunt, just omitting the hunting.  The updated documents for this year can be found HERE.  The first page is for an optional St. Patrick's Day "Hot 'n Cold" singing time if you really want a simple St. Patrick's Day themed singing time (find details on that activity HERE).  The last page is a blank page in case you want/need to write up anything that is different from what I have.

Lorie shared her version on FB HERE of hunting while remaining in the primary room.  Below is her photo:

Here are also a few reader comments from past years also with poems for hunting in the primary room (you can write all these on my blank cards found in my original post):


If you have anything to share, please do!  Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy singing!!

Monday, March 13, 2017


One of my favorite props for singing time are these: wands!

I purchased them years ago from that is no longer in business and I'm super bummed!  I wish I could refer everyone there to buy a set for your primary.  I've used them in several lesson plans through the years and in nursery (found HERE if you are interested).  The closest ones I've found to replace them are at Oriental Trading HERE.

I get asked frequently about options for wands.  So I thought I would put together a post of what I would do for wands if I didn't already have these ones.  {My first instinct is to go figure out who the manufacturer is and start manufacturing them myself somehow!!}

But I think if I were in need of wands now, I would make my own - and I'd omit the stick and use shower curtain rings instead.  Mostly because I can't figure out how to secure the ribbon to the stick and the rings are definitely more durable.  And, I'll be honest, I think the rings would fare better with little kids than sticks but just as effective.

You can get shower curtain rings just about anywhere including Amazon:

You can also get multi-colored ribbon just about anywhere too like this pack from Amazon:

The ribbon length on the wands I currently have are approximately 16" so I'd cut these ribbons into 36" strips.  I'd tie maybe 2 or 3 of the same colored strips around the ring, with a double knot in the center of each ribbon, securing each knot to the ring with a dab of hot glue (optional).  Then repeating with all of the colors until the ring was 1/3 - 1/2 full.

I'd also elicit the help of the Young Women or Activity Day girls in my ward as well - this would be a very easy service project that they could handle.

So I ask you - what have you done to create and use wands in your primary?  Leave a comment!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Stand for the Right/Dare to Do Right Medley - Learning Parts

Last week our primary worked on learning the individual songs for this medley with my lesson plans found HERE.  This week we will be focusing on putting the 2 parts together.  Now, before you can teach the medley, you (and I recommend an assistant!) need to KNOW this medley by heart!  You cannot teach something you do not know.  Especially with the 2 moving parts, it's imperative that the leaders come in at the right times.  The kids will follow your lead.

To introduce the medley, I thought it would be fun to view this video HERE (I'm not sure who to give credit to so I apologize) or there's another version that was shared on the FB group HERE by Margene - thank you!

After the video, I will be dividing the primary into 2 sections to review the parts using my Practicing Parts activity and visuals found HERE.  The activity constantly changes up the 2 groups and I encourage each group to try to be the "best group" for that round.  When we actually perform, I will most likely be splitting the room in half down the middle simply depending on where they are sitting.

My assistant (a presidency member) will help me lead - I'll lead one group while she leads the other.  Each of us will post the words to our parts.  Find the words to the medley HERE or in my Posting Words Tab above as well.  Even if the little kids can't read, the older ones and teachers will be able to follow your leads and will pick up what they can.  After singing several times with the words posted, you can gradually take them away as the words are memorized.

**If you'd rather do a St. Patrick's Day singing time, I've updated my March Singing Time Schedule HERE under the March 19th week to include the 2017 visuals for the Treasure Hunt.  I will have an actual post for this next week.  I wanted to wait a week to to do this activity so our review would include the medley that we are learning this week.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stand for the Right/Dare to Do Right Medley

For March, I thought it would be fun to incorporate another song since our primary KNOWS Stand for the Right.  There is a fabulous medley that you can download HERE that we will be learning.  But before I pull out the medley, we will be learning each song individually.

During singing time, I will QUICKLY (maybe 5 minutes) go over Stand for the Right using my lesson plan HERE using all the visuals except the bell notes.  I will not be pulling out the bells this time.  I'll just write "BE TRUE" on the chalkboard.  However, if you will only be learning this song this month, this lesson plan is really fun, especially if you use the bells!

We will then be spending the remainder of our time on learning Dare to Do Right with my lesson plan found HERE.

Next week we'll work on the actual medley using my learning parts activity found HERE.  I may introduce how the parts fit together using the video found HERE.  More to come!

Dare to Do Right

To introduce this song, I am going to post the following code on the chalkboard (this is for the 1st verse only):

Download and print the code HERE (I printed on card stock and placed in a sheet protector).  The kids will need to figure out what everything means by listening to the song as I play it on CD (or you and the teachers sing it to them, posting the words as necessary).  Below are the answers, but see if you can figure it out :).

To decifer the code, I'll write on the chalkboard the following:

Black lines:

As we listen to the song, I will take answers from the kids going through each color at a time, then repeat listening to the song in order to double check each answer.

Red: the word "dare" - ask how many times we sing the word "dare" [10]
Yellow: the word "do"
Blue: ways we can and should be daring [right, true, bravely, kindly, well] . You can tell the following story from the October 1979 Friend:

"Once, when I was about seven years old, I had a pal whom I liked very much.  We often walked home from school together...Sometimes we would dare each other to jump across a ditch or to climb a tree just to prove that we were brave.  As we came to my home one day we stood out by the road and talked about who was the fastest runner in the school...When I strongly insisted that I could run faster than my friend, he turned to me and said, 'If you're so fast, I dare you to run across the road before that car gets here!' I looked up the road and saw a car a short distance away.  Without another word I dashed into the road to prove that I was fast and brave.  A moment later the car's brakes squealed!  It's bumper hit me, and I landed in an unconscious heap.  When I opened my eyes, my aching body, a hurt pride, and my mother's anxious face made me realize that I had been neither fast nor brave, I had only been foolish.  I had brought sandess to myself and to others.  The lesson I learned...has been valuable to me throught my life.  I learned that the only dare a person should ever accept is [to choose right]" (Friend October 1979, Elder Pinegar).

White: Angels
Grey: all the other words
Black lines: words with 2 syllables

Hopefully the children will have tried to sing along toward the end of repeating the song several times.

Ask the children to raise their hand if they are brave and would be willing to show you their bravery.  Sometimes that bravery means standing alone.

Pick 6 kids (or however many you need so everyone will get a turn) to wear a "DARE" medal.  Their daring act will be to stand every time we sing the word "dare" in the song.  Their other daring act will be to choose another primary child who is daring to sing very well (even though it may not be their best friend or someone they know well) and pass their medal to them for the next round.  Repeat until each child has had a turn to wear a medal.  If the kids not wearing medals need movement, have them pitch lead with their hands as the melody goes up and down.

Download the "DARE" medals HERE, print on white card stock, cut out and laminate.  I randomly had some play medals lying around my house that my kids had brought home {from somewhere?} that I simply taped the "DARE" tag to.  But you can affix the tag on to any sort of string, ribbon, etc. to make a necklace.  If you want the same as me, they are these same ones from Amazon here:

You can check out a fun medley for this song incorporating Stand for the Right, HERE!